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5 Benefits of AI in SMO Services

Scrolling on social media has become the favorite part of the day. Getting all the latest updates, news, trends, and more each second. The happenings of the other country are at your fingertips. The day AI stepped in, everybody was excited to know about the transformational future of SMO Services.  AI has taken the front seat everywhere. It has revolutionized Social Media strategies to enhance the performance of your website. The providers of SMO Services in Gurgaon revealed the 5 best benefits you can get when opting for them.

Understanding AI-Integrated SMO Strategies

Social Media Optimisation (SMO) is creating authentic and engaging content for social media. It helps attract more followers across different demographics to redeem your products or services.

Recently, the best digital marketing agency underscored how they are integrating AI into the SMO Process. It begins with the following:

  • Social Media Profile Audit:

When you discuss your objectives with the agency, they prepare a competitive analysis to strengthen your social media profiles. Through the help of AI, service providers get accurate information to take your profile a step ahead of your competitors. AI suggests the best and most unique images or video concepts you can insert in your profiles. Besides this, a concise write-up for your bio and engaging post descriptions can assist you in leading your brand while engaging customers.

  • Content Strategy:

The second move treads towards the content, the king of social media. Your dream content is just a prompt away, but it needs to be the right one! For this, SMO Services in Gurgaon have prompt specialists to create relevant and personalized content using the AI platforms. This includes hashtags, post copies, post descriptions, etc. And social media is the hub of all-in-one content creation.

  • Content Segmentation:

The best Digital Marketing Agency provides an accurate schedule for each social media platform. With the help of your past data, AI suggests a timeline including demography, duration, etc. It analyses your post-engagement metrics. It also assists in sharing the list of reaching out to potential people on social media to promote your content with relevancy such as Influencers, brand-targeted customers, and more.

  • Content Analysis:

The new AI feature helps in preparing data analysis reports. When you give the onus of getting the SWOT analysis of your social media handles, you get the analysis of what is working well and what is not. AI tracks using the metrics such as no. of clicks, shares, comments, likes, etc. You can also get a deeper analysis such as visual aspects of your content.

  • Optimisation of Content :

To be ahead in the long run, you need to update your SMO strategies and content. In this step, AI helps in analysing the previous numbers using predictive analysis and Natural Language Understanding (NLU). It provides a report to unfold your audience’s preferences and the latest trends to be integrated into your social media platforms.


Ask your SMO service provider to integrate the above strategies into your social media handling. The effects are exemplary!

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