Indian school Abu Dhabi, Montessori nursery

Art Education in Schools and its Importance

Art education is an essential aspect of a well-rounded education, not only does it foster creativity and self-expression, but it also enhances critical thinking skills, encourages empathy and tolerance, and provides students with a means to communicate their thoughts and emotions in a visual form.  Several Indian schools in Abu Dhabi understand the importance of…

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international school of kuala lumpur fees, Class 4 Admission 2023

Planning Your Budget: Tips for Affording International School of Kuala Lumpur Fees

Embarking on an international education journey for your child can be a transformative experience, but it often comes with a significant financial commitment. When considering class 4 admission 2023 at international schools then careful budgeting becomes crucial. To ensure a seamless and stress-free financial experience, it is essential to plan ahead and explore strategies to…

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