Hero Karizma XMR

Hero Karizma XMR Price in India

Hero Karizma XMR Price Hero is selling the Karizma XMR bike for Rs 1,79,900 (excluding taxes and fees) in Delhi. This bike comes in one style with three different colors to choose from: Iconic Yellow, Matt Phantom Black, and Turbo Red. Hero Karizma XMR Features The Karizma XMR is a top-notch motorcycle made by Hero…

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Honda CB200X

Honda CB200X Price in India

Honda CB200X Price The Honda CB200X costs Rs 1,48,844. To compare, the Hornet 2.0 is priced at Rs 1,36,583 (both prices are without taxes and from Delhi). The CB200X comes in three colors: Sports Red, Matte Selene Silver Metallic, and Pearl Nightstar Black. Honda CB200X Engine Specifications The Honda CB200X is equipped with a small…

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Honda NX500

Honda NX500 Price in India

Honda NX500 Price The Honda NX500 costs Rs 5,90,000 in Delhi before taxes and other fees. It’s only Rs 11,000 more than the Honda CB500X, which recently had a price reduction. Honda NX500 Engine Specifications Similar to its counterpart, the Honda CB500X, the NX500 shares a common trait in its power source. It’s equipped with…

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Hero Xpulse 200

Hero Xpulse 200 Features

Hero Xpulse 200 Features The Hero XPulse 200’s high-tech dashboard is a standout feature, offering seamless connectivity to your phone via Bluetooth. This dashboard provides comprehensive real-time data, including speed, engine RPM, distance traveled, fuel consumption, current gear selection, and fuel-saving tips. Additionally, it integrates navigation assistance, call, and text message notifications for enhanced convenience…

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Hero Glamour Xtec

Hero Glamour Xtec Features

Hero Glamour Xtec Price The Hero Glamour Xtec comes in two types: one with drum brakes and one with disc brakes. The drum brake version costs Rs. 87,748, while the disc brake version is priced at Rs. 92,348. These prices are for buying the bike directly from the showroom in Delhi. You can choose from…

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Honda CB500X

Honda CB500X Price in India

Honda CB500X Price You can’t find the Honda CB500X on their website anymore. Before, it cost Rs 5,79,952 (not including taxes) in Gurugram. The bike came in two colors: Grand Prix Red and Matt Gunpowder Black Metallic. Honda CB500X Features The Honda CB500X epitomizes the essence of adventure riding with its blend of user-friendly features…

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Honda Hornet 2.0

Honda Hornet 2.0 Price in India 2024

Honda Hornet 2.0 Price The 2024 Hornet 2.0 from Honda costs Rs 1,39,000 in Delhi before any extra charges. It comes in four colors: Pearl Igneous Black, Matte Sangria Red Metallic, Matte Marvel Blue Metallic, and Matte Axis Grey Metallic. Honda Hornet 2.0 Engine Specifications The 2024 Honda Hornet 2.0 is an exciting update in…

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Honda Unicorn

Honda Unicorn Price in India

Honda Unicorn Price The new BS6 Honda Unicorn costs Rs. 1,05,037 in Delhi before taxes. The latest version of the Unicorn bike comes with a bigger 162.7cc engine and a fuel-injection system. Honda Unicorn Features The Honda Unicorn stands out as a quintessential commuter motorcycle, revered for its reliability and efficiency. With a minimalist design…

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