10 Classic Fashion Pieces That Never Go Out Of Trend

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Fashion trends keep turning heads. The thing that was cool and trendy last year, can’t be worn the next. And if you do, you will get laughed at. But there’s one truth we all love, some styles are evergreen and we consider them a blessing!

Do you want to add those vogue pieces to your wardrobe? Well, here you go, stock up these ensembles and you can thank me later!

Camel Coat

Camel topcoat works with everything and on everyone. I brought a couple of Pakistani wedding dresses for a wedding last week. I dug my closet for a coat and there I find my classic camel coat. I tried it on one of the dresses and it looked perfect. So I keep telling everyone, there is nothing a camel coat can’t handle. You gotta have this piece girl!

Best Fitted Jeans

If you find a pair of jeans that fit well, hold on to it like you would hold on to dear life. Levis 501 is one of these flattering pair of jeans. The part that I love about them is they are meant for all gender. They are the signature fit.

Aviator Sunglasses

The first pair of aviator sunglasses were designed in 1936 for pilots to protect their eyes and maintain sight when flying. But when Ray-ban made with its signature aviator model, every fashion freak went nuts over it. You don’t have to be a Mission Impossible fan to own them, just a fashion-conscious person who loves timeless items would go it.

I must say even if your outfit isn’t so good but you are wearing aviator sunglasses, you look super cool!

Red Lipstick

A woman’s best friend is red lips. They elevate your look from 0 to 10. Lady Danger by Mac and Rita by NARS are two of my favorite shades.

Choose a shade of red that goes with your eyes, hair color, and skin tone. You will be surprised to see the kind of impact it makes. Once you have your perfect shade, you will never look back (and shouldn’t).


This fabric has been around since the 1830s. Long before we even know it, Chanel made it a signature part of its fashion house. So if you can afford a classic Chanel tweed, go for it. There’s nothing quite iconic like it. Even the aura of this piece is so good.

Short Black Dress

I am sure you already have this staple ensemble in your wardrobe. It’s a reliable outfit to wear on work events, clubs, dates, and dinners.

Although every woman has it in her wardrobe, every single one has a different version of this classic piece. So I did a little social experiment and asked my friends about their classic black dress. I got different answers. some had this lacy black dress, a black dress with a frill, others a wrapped up dress, and more.

No wonder it’s a trendy piece that won’t ever go out of style.

White Buttoned Shirt

Talk about one outfit that exists in the closet of men and women, it’s a white button-up shirt. Whether you wear it with jeans or sweat pants, they pair well with both. It is fair to say that a white shirt is not going anywhere.

Tuxedo Jacket

The tuxedo-style jacket is also a mainstay. Ever since Yves Saint Laurent introduced it, it has been in the rage. Although it is menswear, you never look mannish wearing it. It’s sharply tailored to look classy. You can wear it as a dress and pair with stilettos and statement jewelry. Or you can wear it with skinny pants and look sophisticated as hell.

Cashmere Sweater

Okay, don’t let nobody tell you a cashmere sweater is for old ladies. It’s finely crafted from the hair of Kashmir goat. It’s so soft, versatile and lightweight which makes it perfect for chilly days.

Anyone can wear a cashmere sweater. Invest in a high-quality piece so that you could carry it season after season. These sweaters are mostly designed as cardigans without bells, buttons or whistles. Trust me, you would be proud to have one in your closet.


I am a big fan of loafer. It’s known as the footwear choice of laid back people. I love wearing them in the summer. They look so chic but you can only pair them with certain attire. I wish they could go with semi-formal dresses wonderfully too.

Ladies, if you want to invest in fashion, get these timeless pieces. You will never regret them!

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