10 Things You Should Never Do in Master’s Dissertation

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Are you shivering before you start writing your master’s dissertation? If yes, remember that you are not alone. Several students can’t write dissertations that are well-structured and well-researched. Writing a good and unique dissertation is very important because it is the most significant part of academic writing that leads you toward getting your degree.

Master’s dissertation writing requires in-depth knowledge, perfect planning, time, concentration, and writing skills. Most students do mistakes in writing their dissertations and realise when they struggle during writing. Remember that dissertation writing is very important, and you are not allowed to make mistakes in it. If you want to get good grades and become a successful person in your field, you must write a good dissertation. Before starting your dissertation, you must ensure 10 important things you should not do in your writing. To learn that points, thoroughly read this article.

This article will provide 10 things you should never do while writing your master’s dissertation.

What 10 Things You Should Never Do While Writing your Master’s Dissertations?

Make sure that you should not make these mistakes in your master’s dissertation writing:

1.     Don’t select a topic in which you don’t have an interest

The first and most common mistake a student makes in his master’s dissertation is during the topic selection. He selects a topic in which he doesn’t have any interest. It is a big mistake that you should avoid while writing your dissertation. Because if you select a non-interesting topic for your dissertation, you will never find your interest during the research process and writing.

2.     Don’t select a too broad or too narrow topic for your master’s dissertation

The major mistake that students do while selecting the topic for their dissertation is they select a topic that is too broad or too narrow. If you select a too broad topic for your dissertation, you may find it difficult to collect all the relative information to complete your topic. Because of the large amount of information, you will struggle to include it in your dissertation.

On the other hand, if you select a too-narrow topic for your master’s dissertation, how will you find the data about the topic? You may struggle while collecting the data to complete your research. Due to this, you can’t complete your dissertation.

So, another mistake you should never make while writing a dissertation is to not select a topic that is too broad or too narrow.

3.     Don’t late start writing your dissertation

As you know, you need to do a lot of things for the completion of your dissertation. First of all, you have to select an appropriate topic that fits best to your dissertation. After the topic selection, you need to select your research methodology according to the nature of your topic. Then you start the research process and collect information and data about the topic. After doing all these things, you must analyse and write the data in your dissertation. You also have to present your dissertation’s research findings and their future recommendations. All of these things require a lot of time.

But if you start too late to write your master’s dissertation, then how will you complete it before the submission date? To avoid this problem, you must ensure that you start working on your dissertation early when it is appointed.

4.     Avoid starting writing your dissertation without early research

Most students make the common mistake of writing a dissertation without doing research. The first thing that dissertation requires is its literature review. How will you write your literature review if you have not researched the topic?

Researching during writing will require much effort to understand and write it well. It is because if you can not search before writing, you may take plenty of time in order to draft or complete your literature review. Make sure you have a good source of information before you start writing, which helps you to write your dissertation with more understanding. So, ensure that you read before writing your master’s dissertation.

5.     Don’t write your dissertation without creating a link between each section

To write a good dissertation that will impact a long-lasting effect on your instructor, you must create a link between each section of your dissertation. Your instructor must feel that your dissertation is in the same flow and is like a story. If you can’t reference the previous discussion in your next paragraph, your instructor may distract your main point of view.

To avoid these problems, discuss only about your topic; no need to include any unnecessary information in your dissertation. Try to create a link between each paragraph. By doing this, you can provide a better understanding of your research to the instructor.

6.     Avoid the use of extra tables

Most Students include so many tables in their master’s dissertation. They think providing information in table form is easier than presenting it in the discussion. You must interpret and include the collected data and information in your discussion. It will create a positive image of your dissertation for the instructor, and he may easily understand your concern. So, ensure that you never include extra tables in your dissertation to present information.

7.     Don’t use the same title again and again in your dissertation

Another mistake students make in writing their master’s dissertation is repeatedly using the main title in their discussion. If you want to use the title, you should first paraphrase it and then include it. Using the same wording in your dissertation will negatively affect the instructor. Which results in they may give you low grades on your dissertation.

8.     Don’t make grammar and spelling mistakes in your writing

Including grammar and spelling mistakes in your dissertation is not good. If English is not your first language, you may struggle while skillfully writing your dissertation. You must read each line after including it in your discussion to make sure that there is no mistake.

It will help you to find and correct grammar and spelling mistakes if you reread your dissertation after its completion. If you submit your dissertation with the blunder of spelling and sentence structure mistakes, your instructor may award you with low grades. So, you should never make grammar and spelling maitakes in your master’s dissertation.

9.     Avoid plagiarism

Most students make a common and major mistake in their dissertations. That is, they don’t avoid plagiarism in their content. Students copy and paste the information from the other sources into their dissertations. Which results in they create plagiarism in their content. Plagiarism in their dissertation’s content will stand them in a serious problem. Your instructor may cancel your dissertation if he finds plagiarism in your dissertation.

To avoid this problem, you must paraphrase the copied information in a way that will not change its meaning. After paraphrasing, include it in your discussion. To assure that there is no percentage of plagiarism in your content, you will run your dissertation in any online plagiarism checker tool. The plagiarism checker tool provides you with the percentage of plagiarism in your content. Try to make it less than 5%. You should remove it from your dissertation if it is more than 5%.

The best way to remove plagiarism is to give credit to the original author in your dissertation. For this sake, you must include references at the end of your dissertation. So, remember that you should not submit your dissertation with more than 5% plagiarism in its content.

10.  Don’t write your dissertation without taking any help

Writing a master’s dissertation is very difficult for students. It is because it requires your time, devotion, and writing skills. Most students make a general mistake. They write their dissertations without taking any help from others. It is not possible that a student can’t find any problems while writing his dissertation.

At any stage, you may need someone to help get out of the confusion. At that stage, you need to take assistance from your professor or any online service. A professor always helps students in coming out of their confusion. It would be best if you ask your professor to help you to solve that problem.

On the other hand, you may also take help from any online service such as Masters Dissertation Help. These services aim to help students write their dissertations to obtain good grades in their degrees. Hence, you should remember that you must take assistance from outside to help to get out of the problem.


Master’s dissertation writing is very crucial for you because it is full of challenges. You must submit a well-written and well-structured dissertation to your professor so that you can obtain good grades in your degree. A dissertation is a key to success in your future field. You must ensure that you never make mistakes in your dissertation writing. For this sake, you must go through this article carefully to learn what mistakes you should avoid while writing.

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