3 Keys to outsourcing the cleaning service

Currently, outsourcing services or tasks in an organization is being the option of many small and large companies in all areas. There are multiple advantages that are got with this collaborative work alternative. Today we want to give you the most important ones so that you can also adopt it in terms of cleaning and maintenance service, and ‌optimize resources, time and productivity. Continue with us and discover the 3 keys so that you decide to outsource the cleaning service.

Let’s start with a fundamental question:

 What is “outsourcing” a service?

This concept is born from the English term « Outsourcing », which can be translated as subcontracting or outsourcing. This practice comprises a process by which an organization or institution refers to the performance of a specific task or service to an external company.

Outsourcing allows a company to have the services of another company specialized in one or more tasks that are not part of its priorities.

The tasks and activities that it is possible to refer to external companies are diverse and the reasons we can refer them to external companies as well. However, with cleaning, we have transversal work that is necessary for every organization to comply with regulations from the legislation, improve the image and give confidence to the clientele.

Outsourcing cleaning: an essential task

Self-managing all kinds of cleaning and disinfection tasks within a company, which also does not specialize in this area, is a decision that entails a greater number of losses and inconveniences than benefits. For example:

Increased internal workload

If we do not outsource the cleaning service in an organization, it is necessary to select personnel to assign to cleaning activities. The employee’s workload will vary according to the size of the company, the number of people in the cleaning team, and the capabilities of each of the employees, among others.

reduced productivity

If the workers who will be in charge of cleaning do not mechanize their tasks or are even professionals in the cleaning area, it is most likely that their productivity will be reduced and the use of more resources and personnel will be required, which in the long run is an economic loss for the company.

And is it effective?

The effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection work without having external services is relative. Just as it is possible to assign tasks to internal employees, you can also hire private professionals to take care of the tasks without outsourcing the service. The problem here is that being people and not working for teams, productivity is reduced and the results can be effective, as well as not.

3 keys for you to decide to outsource the cleaning service

By outsourcing the cleaning service it is possible to access better methods and techniques in context. The external subcontracted company will be in charge of providing the support of a team of professionals who will analyze:

  • The real situation of the company that hires them.
  • The dimensions of the facilities.
  • The best plans to apply according to the characteristics observed.

Below, we present the three keys that will help you decide regarding outsourcing the professional cleaning service in your company. If the idea has caught your eye and you’re still not sure, read on:

1: Reduce operational expenses, invest in your main service and strengthen your organization’s processes.

A professional cleaning company will have machinery, equipment, and supplies for each task. All these implements are necessary with optimizing the productivity and work of your professionals, besides ensuring effectiveness in the results.

By choosing to outsource cleaning and handing over the tasks of the cleaning area to highly qualified outsiders, it is possible to reduce expenses to a considerable level. This allows management to focus resources on its main service and make all its processes more flexible.

2: Build fresh and fruitful business and corporate relationships

Outsourcing not only provides economic advantages to your company but also opens the doors to commercial and corporate collaboration with other organizations. When you associate with an external company, you are not only looking for a solution to a problem, but you also want to establish a long-term relationship of trust.

Establish a network of contacts through outsourcing. This is a process whose benefits flow to both sides, so more than subcontracting, we could talk about an association in search of a common good.

3: Innovation always! Learn about new technologies and stay on top of them.

When you outsource the cleaning service, we separated your company from tasks in which there are no specialists to deal with it. It is unnecessary to know about the cleaning and disinfection area to decide regarding the outsourced service. However, through this practice, you will learn about new technologies and keep up with the pace of your environment.

Cleaning professionals are always looking for the best techniques to deal with sanitary problems. An example is how COVID-19 has been fought in the area. For this reason, we have been finding out about the appearance of methods such as carpets and sanitary tunnels for public areas. We also saw progress in using different disinfectants in order to effectively reduce or eliminate the appearance and permanence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus on surfaces.

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