Led Lighting Upgrade

7 Reasons Why Led Lighting Upgrade Makes Sense?

LEDs, also known as light emitting diodes (LEDs) are fast becoming one of the most popular bulbs for commercial and residential lighting, due to a myriad of reasons. Businesses can benefit from the use of LED lighting on their premises to cut costs and decrease environmental waste while also increasing productivity.

It sounds too promising to be real but it’s not. We’ve provided a list of the incredible advantages LED Lighting Upgrade can provide you and your company. Whatever size or huge your business might be, we offer high-quality electrical services for commercial use and can meet your lighting requirements with LEDs.

1. Led Lighting Is Cost-Effective

The major and attractive advantages of using LED bulbs are long-term savings. LED light bulbs cost more upfront however they are less expensive to operate when compared to standard bulbs.

A typical bulb costs about $7 to purchase and around $100 to run each year. In contrast, LED bulbs can cost $50 to purchase and only cost about 12 dollars to run each year, which is an average savings of $45 per year. Additionally, LED bulbs last longer than 10 years, while conventional bulbs can last only for a few years. We’ll go over the details in a bit.

2. Led Lights Are More Energy Efficient

LED lighting produces an abundance of light making use of very little energy. For more details LED lighting is 80 to 90% efficient, meaning that between 10 and 20 per cent of energy is wasted to heat.

The standard incandescent light bulbs however are able to lose around 80 per cent in energy due to heating, rather than light. This comparison illustrates just how power-efficient LED lights are.

3. Led Lights Need Less Maintenance

If you’re in search of low-maintenance lighting to run your business LED lighting is the ideal solution for you. LED lighting can offer between 100,000 and 50,000 years (or eleven years!) of continuous lighting, which means that you don’t need to change your bulbs for more than 10 years!

Alongside the long-lasting properties LED, lighting provides as well, it’s also very reliable. It’s less likely to break suddenly as is the case for incandescent bulbs. This means you’ll have less time to replace your bulbs and will be able to focus on your company.

4. Increased Productivity For Your Business

You may not believe it It’s been discovered that LED lighting could increase the productivity of employees and boosts morale. Certain LED lighting systems can mimic the brightness we get from the sun. This is in harmony with our body’s natural time. If exposed to the white light from LED lights throughout the day, employees have reported better sleep quality at night.

LED’s capability to release significantly less heat than conventional bulb types like incandescent or fluorescent is also believed to increase working environments, especially in the hot days of summer. A well-controlled temperature for the workplace will help improve productivity.

5. Led Lights Can Come With Government Incentives

To stop the rapid growth of climate change To combat the accelerating effects of climate change, to combat the accelerating climate change, Government of Alberta is offering incentives to companies that contribute to implementing strategies to reduce energy consumption within their workplaces. The Energy Savings for Business (ESB) program has rebates starting at $1000 that cover most small-to-medium-scale businesses. Even smaller companies are eligible for these rebates!

6. No Uv Emissions From Led Lighting

The traditional fluorescent bulb emits UV (UV) light when they give off light. They can cause harm for long durations of time. While fluorescent bulbs emit more UV radiation than incandescent bulbs. LEDs emit nearly no UV radiation. This makes them safer for your employees and you.

7. Environmental Benefits

In 2011 Statistics Canada found that only one-third of Canadian households dispose of their bulb in an orderly fashion (i.e. properly recycling). Most of these bulbs were fluorescent bulbs which usually contain mercury. If fluorescent bulbs are used in a way that is not properly, they often fail and leak mercury into the waste dumps. The mercury then ends up contaminating the soil and water around as it accumulates within the body of the fish and other animals that we consume.

The purpose of this mini-scientific lesson can be that the LED lights don’t contain mercury! LED lights are regarded as non-toxic and don’t cause harm to the environment. This means that you’ll feel comfortable lighting up your business or home.

It is recommended that you eliminate bulbs that are LED bulbs in the normal garbage rather than recycling them. And considering that 66 per cent of Canadians have already thrown their bulbs into the trash and this is an LED simple to fight climate change, without having to change your routine.

It’s obvious that LED Lighting Upgrade can provide numerous benefits over the long term for business owners that range from saving money to decreasing your carbon footprint. If you’re looking to make the switch to LED lighting, contact us to assist you with your electrical requirements.

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