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A Complete Step Checklist for Choosing a Payment Gateway

It cannot be easy to decide which payment gateway service to choose. After all, the only element that keeps a firm operating is payments. Any aspect, from integration to safety compliance, can make or ruin your online store.

A payment gateway: what is it?

A payment gateway is a network that enables companies to accept and distribute payments, to put it simply. Additionally, it aids you (the merchant) in reconciling and settling these payments per your requirements.

By supplying a secure and dependable payment infrastructure, payment gateways and payment solutions assist brands in fostering client loyalty. A merchant’s choice of payment gateway operator is a significant one. How, then, do you go about making one final?

Payment Protection

This is one of the most crucial considerations when searching for a payment gateway. You need to be familiar with PCI-DSS Certification if you’re a merchant wishing to take payments. In essence, it is a set of standards set forth by the payment card business that guarantees the security of client card information. For you to accept payments, each payment aggregator must adhere to PCI-DSS.

Mode of Payments

For your business, having a large selection of payment alternatives has two advantages:

1. Customers have additional options at the checkout and are free to use their preferred mode of payment.

2. Lower cart abandonment rates because you can give your clients all of their options.

The absence of preferred payment options results in 9% of your carts being abandoned.

Examine the payment options provided by each payment gateway provider you have shortlisted when conducting your study.

Support for International Payments

It is critical to support foreign payments if you have clients who are international or who use international credit cards.

The main difficulties with foreign payments are with onboarding. Today, the majority of banks and payment processors are hesitant to accept payments from abroad. Additionally, they frequently demand hefty startup costs and security deposits.

To know the precise amount they are paying, clients from outside of India will choose to pay in their currency.

The best payment gateway accepts many currencies and offers simple onboarding for international payments. The most dependable and popular method of payment for customers globally is PayPal.

Paypal provides buyer security and accepts all payment methods, including credit cards. Consequently, including Paypal as a checkout option will significantly improve your conversion rates.

Integration Help for Your Platforms

Most likely, if you’re seeking a payment gateway, your platform is already ready. Either use a platform created in-house using PHP, Ruby, Python, etc., or a third-party system like WooCommerce.

Choose payment gateways that provide plugins for the most widely used payment systems. Additionally, ensure they provide comprehensive integration guidelines for popular programming languages like PHP, C#, etc.

Onboarding Experience

Many systems for payment gateways guarantee quick onboarding. But in practice, opening a fully working account might take more than two days.

This is because there are several requirements for creating a merchant account with a payment gateway that must be met before the report can be established. Check these facts out to avoid a lousy onboarding process and suffering from broken promises.

Reliable and prompt assistance

Verify that the payment gateway offers reliable service. You can think about speaking with other businesses that have already used that provider’s payment gateway solutions.

Having an assigned account manager who serves as your sole point of contact both during onboarding and after you go live is helpful.

Some platforms additionally offer real-time support by giving users access to contact channels like live chat, email, and others.

Look for the best client service.

Most businesses with established payment gateways see thousands of dollars pass through their accounts daily. Such a corporation might sustain significant harm even from a single hour of the outage, let alone from a lengthy period.

Also, you must keep in mind the precautions must be taken while making digital payments.

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