Best Places to Visit in Thailand


Do you have a fixed budget in hand, and do you wish to explore a destination under that? Well, there is no better destination than Thailand for you. 

The nature’s view, lively streets, food stalls, and beaches, all of it is there to make your trip to Thailand the best of all times. Thailand just won’t let you feel any boredom no matter when you visit it. 

Being a budget-friendly destination, many people choose Thailand for their trips with friends, family, and loved ones. 

If it’s your first time in Thailand, then you must be looking to know which places and spots are a must-visit. Look no further! Continue reading the guide and find out the places you must add to your itinerary. 

Best Places to Visit in Thailand

It’s time to explore the stunning destination and make memories that you will remember forever. Whether it’s with the family or with your friends, get ready to have a worthwhile vacation. 

Lying down at the beach, strolling around the vibrant streets, Thailand offers it all to travelers.

Below mentioned are all the must-visit places of Thailand. Add these to your list and spend memorable time with your loved ones.


A small town named Sukhothai is renowned for its historical park. Furthermore, it is a UNESCO site that belongs to the 13th century. 

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Furthermore, it is surrounded by ancient walls and even has many temples and a palace. Witness various stupas, too, here. 


Krabi is a famous place in Thailand and needs no introduction. Moreover, adventure freaks will be able to enjoy activities like Kayaking, Snorkelling, and various others. In addition, this is your opportunity to go to the Tiger Cave temple. The beaches of Krabi are a must-visit. Lie down at the beach and kick away all the stress and worries. 


When in Thailand, how can travelers even forget to visit the vibrant capital of Bangkok? The street life here attracts individuals from all over the world. Moreover, the nightlife of Bangkok is second to none. Roam around the huge buildings called skyscrapers and feel lost in this beautiful city. Don’t forget to explore the various palaces and temples that are here. 

How is it possible not to go on a shopping spree once you reach this bustling capital? As Bangkok is the home to many shopping centers, shopaholics can have a great time getting their favorite things. 


The most awe-striking and beautiful place in Thailand is Phuket. When in Phuket, be prepared to feel lost in nature and its views. 

Furthermore, Phuket is known for its surreal and picturesque places. Moreover, don’t forget to click pictures of this location and keep these memories alive with you for the rest of your life. 

Not just this, individuals can even take a four-island tour. So, make sure to add Phuket to your itinerary and make your trip the best of all times. 

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