Free Ways to Import MBOX to Gmail

Are you looking for a solution to import MBOX to Gmail? If yes then you have landed at the right place. In this post, we are going to discuss free methods to import MBOX files to Gmail account. So, keep reading this blog till the end and complete your task without any hassle.

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Gmail’s popularity stems from its robust search capabilities, ease of access across devices, and secure cloud storage. Migrating your MBOX email data to Gmail not only declutters your digital life but also provides you with a unified platform that ensures you never miss a vital email.

Free Ways to Import MBOX to Gmail

Importing MBOX files to Gmail account is a typical task if you do not select the right solution. Here, we will provide some free solutions to upload MBOX files to your Gmail account.

Method 1. Upload MBOX to Gmail Using Thunderbird Email Client 

Step 1. Prepare MBOX Files: Ensure you have the MBOX files you want to import.

Step 2. Enable IMAP Access: In Gmail settings, enable IMAP access.

Step 3. Use Thunderbird: Download and install Mozilla Thunderbird if not already done.

Step 4. Configure Gmail in Thunderbird: Add your Gmail account to Thunderbird using IMAP settings.

Step 5. Import MBOX Files: In Thunderbird, go to “Tools” > “ImportExportTools” > “Import MBOX file.”

Step 6. Organize and Verify: After import, organize messages in Thunderbird and ensure accuracy.

Step 7. Sync with Gmail: Move messages to Gmail folders in Thunderbird and wait for sync.

Step 8. Check Gmail: Log in to Gmail and confirm the imported messages.

Done! Hence, you can import MBOX to gmail using Thunderbird email client but it is so lengthy and time consuming process. In case, Thunderbird import export tools not work then you can upload MBOX files to Gmail with this method.

Method 2. Import MBOX to Gmail Using Import Mail and Contacts Options

Importing MBOX files into Gmail using the “Import mail and contacts” option is a straightforward method provided by Google itself. Follow these steps to import your MBOX files:

Step 1: Prepare MBOX Files

Ensure you have the MBOX files you want to import ready on your computer.

Step 2: Access Gmail Settings

1. Log in to your Gmail account.

2. Click on the gear icon (Settings) located in the top-right corner of the Gmail interface.

3. Select “See all settings.”

Step 3: Navigate to Import Options

1. In the Gmail settings, go to the “Accounts and Import” tab.

2. Under the “Import mail and contacts” section, click on “Import mail and contacts.”

Step 4: Importing Process

1. A new window will pop up. Enter the email address you want to import from (the one associated with your MBOX files).

2. Click “Continue.”

Step 5: Grant Access

1. Google will request permission to access your email account.

2. Click “Allow” to grant access. This is necessary for Google to retrieve your email data.

Step 6: Configure Import Settings

1. Choose the import options:

   – Import: Select “Import mail” to import your email messages.

   – Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server: Choose this option if you want to keep a copy of the messages in the source account.

   – Archive incoming messages: This will mark all imported messages as archived in Gmail.

   – Apply these labels: Select labels you want to apply to the imported messages. You can also create new labels.

   – Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail: Recommended for security.

2. Click “Continue.”

Step 7: Initiate Import

1. Google will start importing your email data.

2. Depending on the amount of data, this process may take some time.

Step 8: Confirmation and Verification

1. Once the import is complete, you’ll see a confirmation message.

2. Log in to your Gmail account and verify that the imported messages are present.

3. Check the labels and folder structure to ensure everything is organized correctly.


Migrating your MBOX files to Gmail doesn’t have to be a complex task. The above methods offer free and accessible ways to streamline your email management. Whether you opt for the user-friendly Thunderbird approach, utilize Google Takeout’s simplicity, or take on the Python script challenge, the end goal remains the same: a more organized and efficient email experience. However, using the Xtraxtor MBOX Converter you can quickly import MBOX to Gmail.

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