Guide to Custom Mailer Boxes

Custom mailer boxes are popular in e-commerce nowadays. This is because they are able to give the perfect packaging for a product. If you own an e-commerce or subscription business and are thinking about using these, you should know all about them. Make sure that they are the right boxes for your particular product.

The following guide on mailer boxes aims to help you do this:

What are custom mailer boxes?

Custom mailer boxes tend to be those that a packaging supplier makes from corrugated cardboard. This packaging material is a strong option. They give substantial safety to the contents within throughout the shipping process. The packaging does not need any external packaging elements which can increase costs as well as limit convenience.

It is possible to customize these boxes so that they will match your brand’s aesthetic. You can do this by printing your brands text, logo, as well as other graphics onto the box. This is why the packaging is perfect for brands. They can help let people know about their business.

Advantages of using mailer boxes

There are many benefits of using mailer boxes for a brand. Some of these are given below:

Lightweight in nature

The packaging tends to be lightweight. Therefore it is simple to store and ship because it will not take up much space and weight. A brand needs to keep this point in mind if they want to get cost-effective packaging.

The custom printed mailer boxes are even simple for your consumers to carry and so play a role in giving them a good unboxing experience.

Protect product

The boxes are secure and strong due to the flaps which can stop the contents inside from failing out. They also provide safety to products because they are tough and durable. The packaging materials that a company makes them from are corrugated cardboard or cardboard which are popular as being crush-proof as well as puncture-proof.

Cost-efficient packaging

This packaging is cost-efficient because the raw materials that one uses to make it are affordable. When you choose to get wholesale mailer boxes, the packaging supplier may give you a discount on them. There are also cost-effective as they are lightweight.

Versatile feature

When thinking about mailer boxes packaging ideas, you can come up with many because these boxes are versatile. You can get them in different sizes along with shapes which can be perfect for different types of products. It is possible to customize the packaging allowing it to be perfect for whatever you are selling.

You can make them from different packaging materials like cardboard, corrugated cardboard, or Kraft. These packaging materials will give you something sturdy.

Sustainable packaging

Due to the fact that the packaging supplier makes the box from environmentally-friendly packaging material, the boxes are sustainable. You can recycle them and let shoppers know how to do this. It is important to get packaging like this if you want to survive in today’s market where there are many ecofriendly shoppers.

Customers increasingly care about getting environmentally friendly packaging and are even willing to buy from brands that display they are conscious about the environment.

Use as a marketing tool

When you design printed mailer boxes attractively, you can use them like a marketing tool. You will use them for branding purposes by including your logo, colors, as well as fonts on them. When customers see this type of packaging, they can notice that the product is from your brand.

Good unboxing experience

The packaging gives customers a wonderful unboxing experience. This is something that shoppers are demanding from brands. When one opens a mailer box, it seems like they are opening a present. If you include extra components such as fillers, inserts, and even your own artwork, the unboxing experience can be even better.

If custom mailer boxes are the best option for your brand, you must design these well so that they can fulfil their purposes. It is important to firstly choose strong packaging material to make the box from. You must even design the box in a way that people will want to buy from your company. Make sure the packaging is able to give a good image of your business.

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