How do I Copy Hotmail Emails to a USB Flash Drive?

Hotmail Emails to a USB Flash Drive

Nothing is secure on the Internet. In recent years, Hotmail accounts have experienced massive data hacking incidents. It’s pretty tricky to leverage things to ultimately prevent data breaches. Therefore, one must protect their important data by transferring Hotmail emails to a USB flash drive using the IMAP Backup Tool. In this article, we have discussed the solution to download Hotmail emails to computer.

Imagine a scenario where you need to find an account but the internet slows down or is not connected. So how can you make sure you have access to your entire Hotmail account on a flash drive? Then you will benefit from it.

Why Should Users Want to Transfer Hotmail Emails to a USB Flash?

  • If you have a weak internet connection, offline email files will help you access your mailbox data with no or no internet connection.
  • It keeps secured mailbox data away from beaches and hackers. You can also delete the emails after they have been transferred.
  • If users want to save their Hotmail emails as a backup.

How to Copy Hotmail Emails to a USB Flash Drive?

There is no official solution to copy Hotmail emails to a USB stick. Therefore, we recommend you to choose Corbett Free Hotmail Backup Software. It is an exclusive application perfectly designed for exporting Hotmail data to multiple file extensions. This application is fully developed with advanced algorithms to produce accurate results without losing a single bit of information.

  • Download and launch the software on your computer.
  • Enter Hotmail credentials to connect to applications.
  • Browse the mailbox folder you want to export.
  • Then press the PST file extension in the multiple export option.
  • Finally, set the destination for the resulting file and then click “Save” to get the output quickly.

Other Benefits Of Using Alternative Wizard

  • This solution also allows you to transfer Hotmail emails to Gmail.
  • This application is very easy to use for all types of non-technical and professional users.
  • With this application you can also change Hotmail to Outlook.
  • You can also use the filter option to convert selected files based on date range, subject, sender and recipient, etc.
  • There is no need to download any additional application to complete the process.

Time to Wrap Up

In this tutorial, we have explained everything about the process of copying Hotmail emails to a USB stick. Because there is no manual solution for this on the Internet. So you have to trust a reliable alternative assistant. The solution suggested in this post is easy to perform and provides completely accurate output. If you have any further questions, you can also use a demo version of this wizard to test its performance and all other useful features. If you are satisfied with this utility, you can purchase the license key to unlock the premium edition and export unlimited Hotmails and emails for life without paying more. This tool is pre-vetted by IT administrators and technical experts and recommended to all users and trusted applications by millions of users.

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