How to Apply for WhatsApp Business API?

How to Apply for WhatsApp Business API?

Do you want to get your hands on the WhatsApp Business API? You are in the proper place. Even though integrating the WhatsApp Business API may look intimidating, it is not difficult if you follow the essential guidelines.

We’ll show how to easily and fast access WhatsApp API for your company in this blog article.

Using WhatsApp to improve company growth has attracted substantial attention across several industries over the last couple of years. Bulk SMS Service Provider, the most popular messaging Platform in India and all over the world, indicates that the buzz wasn’t merely a fluke and that a robust messaging business platform and ecosystem can modify how business is done.

It comes as no surprise that WhatsApp eventually entered the battle in 2018 with its own WhatsApp Business API and has subsequently pushed to enhance it.

As a result of your presence here, an increasing number of firms and organizations are now using WhatsApp API to fuel their growth and communication activities.

The second WhatsApp opened to business, everything changed.


Well, WhatsApp is without a doubt the most extensively utilized messaging service. The app’s monthly active user count, which climbed from 1.5 billion in December 2017 to over 2 billion in April 2022, surpassed its record in 2020. Currently, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging service across 133 nations:

WhatsApp is the simplest and most hassle-free alternative to boost client engagement or offer customer care, as well as to guarantee seamless customer communication and a fantastic user experience.

WhatsApp restricts the types of organizations that are granted access to the WhatsApp Business API to insure precisely the latter.

As a result, we’ve produced a comprehensive step-by-step guide to apply for WhatsApp Business API that will help you enhance your chances of success by walking you through the procedure.

How to Apply for WhatsApp Business API?

As you can see, WhatsApp is “picky” about who gets to use it. This makes sense. WhatsApp has always placed a strong premium on providing users with secure and delightful experiences.

Keeping a tight check on everything is probably the ideal plan of action when it comes to corporate communications as things may rapidly grow larger than huge.

1. Application Route Selection:

There are two methods to applying for WhatsApp Business API:

a) Direct Enrollment

Although you may sign up directly on the official WhatsApp Business API Pricing page, this isn’t the most efficient method to start. It is simply too labor- and technically intensive for a medium-sized enterprise.

Setting up the API, for example, will undoubtedly need the expertise of a developer. You may, however, follow every step of this strategy on the official Meta Business Help Center if that’s what you’re seeking.

b) By means of a Solution Provider

You may receive permission more quickly and with a lot less work by interacting with a WhatsApp Business solution provider (BSP) (BSP) (BSP). For instance, this strategy takes one to two weeks to employ Landbot.

What part do we play in all of this, with reference to Landbot?

As a managing intermediary, Landbot manages the setup and application. Most significantly, it offers you a codeless WhatsApp chatbot builder, testing channel, and campaign manager when you are approved and prepared for action.

c) By Means of Bulk SMS Service Provider:

The strategy is as follows when you, as a client, are willing to continue working with Bulk SMS Service Supplier as a provider of WhatsApp Business solution:

The full contract was offered by the service provider or Bulk SMS Service Provider (in Business plans only) (in Business plans only) (in Business plans only).

Following that, they initiate the connection with Customer Success onboarding for Business plans and set up the payment to be made. Once the integration is requested, the onboarding is carried out automatically once the money has been completed.

Bulk SMS Service Provider complies with Customer Success’s integration criteria in order to gain authorization to continue utilizing the specified Facebook Business Manager ID, Number, and Display name.

In order to complete the verification and begin using WhatsApp, you’ll need to deactivate WhatsApp (if needed) from the conventional WhatsApp App through the utilization of the Bulk SMS Service Provider.

2. Give a Few Basic Details:

If you desire to apply through a business solution provider, you must submit some basic information about your organization and your aims for employing WhatsApp services, including:

Business name; URL;

  • Sector; Area(s) where you wish to make WhatsApp Service available;
  • country where the firm is based;
  • intended application;
  • Volume forecasts (messages per day)
  • When do you plan to introduce the service in the market?

At Service Provider, we may not ask for all of the aforementioned information at once depending on the stage of the process or the department you’re speaking to, but all of it will be crucial throughout the setup creation process.

A brand’s approval can take two to three weeks.

3. Activate Your Phone Number for Your WhatsApp Business Account:

To activate your phone number after your brand has been approved, you will need to give specific details.

You may use a brand-new or pre-existing number. If it’s a new number, you must first register it with the WhatsApp Business App. In order to proceed with the activation, you must additionally supply the following information:

  • Customer The phone number associated with your WhatsApp Business account; 
  • The Facebook Business Manager ID;
  • Name corresponding to the number;
  • Your application’s geographic scope (US or EU).

After your phone number is enabled, a virtual server hosts all of the communication (docker) (docker) (docker).

As a result, you will no longer be able to control user incoming messages using your phone but rather through a dashboard or your BSP’s or Bulk SMS Service Provider system.

Wrapping Up:

It takes time to apply for WhatsApp Business API, but with the proper provider’s help, the procedure may progress easily.

Additionally, the value you may acquire from engaging with leads and clients in their preferred places and with quicker reaction times is absolutely worth the wait.

After all, WhatsApp has the greatest and most active user base of all messaging services, exchanging 65 billion messages per day! You should be sending messages or even making phone calls with Bulk SMS Service Providers.

Therefore, a WhatsApp integration API is the way to go whether you want to leverage WhatsApp to generate leads, deliver customer service, or boost user engagement through a combination of live agents and chatbots.

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