How to Write Academic Essays - 8 Common Things Many Do Wrong

How to Write Academic Essays – 8 Common Things Many Do Wrong

Academic essays are a vital component of a student’s academic journey and play a significant role in determining their academic success.

However, writing a good essay requires a comprehensive understanding of the topic, effective research skills, and excellent writing skills.

Unfortunately, many students make common mistakes when writing academic essays, which can negatively impact their grades. Therefore, knowing these mistakes and avoiding them is essential to produce a well-written essay.

This article will discuss eight common mistakes many students do when writing academic essays. Additionally, for students looking for further assistance, we will also touch upon the benefits of using a cheap assignment writing service.

Lack of Understanding of the Topic

One of the most common mistakes students make is failing to understand the topic they are writing about fully. This lack of understanding can lead to a poorly written essay and may not adequately address the essay prompt. To avoid this mistake, reading and comprehending the essay prompt carefully before beginning the writing process is essential.

Failing to Plan the Essay

Another mistake that many students make is failing to plan their essays adequately. Planning is crucial to writing an academic essay as it helps you organize your thoughts and ideas coherently. Without a proper plan, your essay may be disorganized, and your argument may be difficult to follow. Therefore, it is essential to plan your essay before you start writing.

Lack of Evidence to Support Arguments

Many students fail to provide sufficient evidence to support their arguments in their essays. Evidence is essential in academic writing as it helps to strengthen your argument and demonstrates your understanding of the topic. When writing an essay, provide evidence from credible sources to support your arguments.

Poor Grammar and Spelling

Poor grammar and spelling are common mistakes students make when writing academic essays. These mistakes can make your essay difficult to read and negatively impact your grade. Therefore, it is crucial to proofread your essay and correct any errors in grammar and spelling.

Failure to Follow the Proper Structure

Following the proper structure is essential when writing an academic essay. A well-structured essay is easy to follow and demonstrates your ability to convey your thoughts and ideas coherently. Therefore, it is essential to follow the appropriate structure when writing your essay.

Using Complex Vocabulary

Many students make the mistake of using complex vocabulary to impress their instructors. However, this can lead to confusion and may detract from the clarity of your argument. Therefore, it is best to use simple language that is easy to understand.


Plagiarism is another common mistake that students make when writing academic essays. Plagiarism can lead to severe consequences, including failing the assignment or even being expelled. Therefore, it is crucial to cite your sources correctly and ensure that you are not plagiarizing.

Rushing to Complete the Essay

Many students make the mistake of rushing to complete their essays, leading to poorly written essays. Giving yourself enough time to write your essay, plan it carefully, and revise it thoroughly is crucial. Rushing to complete the essay may result in careless mistakes that could negatively affect your grade.


Writing an academic essay is not easy, and many students struggle to produce a good one. However, avoiding the common mistakes discussed above can improve your writing skills and produce a well-written essay.

Ensure that you understand the topic, plan your essay, provide sufficient evidence to support your argument, proofread your work, follow the proper structure, use simple language, cite your sources correctly, and take your time to complete your essay. By following these tips, you can write an excellent academic essay demonstrating your understanding of the topic and impressing your instructor. Read more Blog on Click to Write