How you move on the paddle court is very important to developing a good game

How you move on the paddle court is very important to developing a good game

That’s why we’re writing this article as a compilation of essential tips on how to move around on a paddle court, and a compilation of the

Why is it important to learn how to move on a paddle court?

But why is it so important?

Think that, there is ways of getting points in padel, when opponent fail the shot or winning ourselfs with our shots so basically if you don’t want to wait all the time for your opponent to fail to earn points you will have to regularly go to the net to give some pressure, this is a basic rule of padel tennis, most points are won in the net, so moving good in the padel court is the key factor to win points, many times is the least interest is usually paid for begginer players, they use to tend to wait a long time for the ball and only move when it is simply essential and rely on the simple hand ability to make a winning shot. Sometimes it works but if we really want to improve in padel we have to take into account where we are going to go in each moment of the resources for paddlers to recommend practicing at your next training session at spanish padel academy

● We recommend you to differentiate the game situation. Are you defending or attacking?



                                                                          To defende in padel you must to stay behind the service line and close to the back wall and prepare yourself to hit the ball after the first bounce in the court, since the padel court is sorrounded to glass walls you will probably have to move around the ball to wait to the bounce in the glass wall and continue with the point.

When playing defensively, good advice is to hit the ball with control and avoid quick/winning shots that entail all risk with the idea of ​​continuing the rally. It will be very difficult for you if your opponent is ready. You can earn points in defense zones.

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