Information Related to Children Flying with Delta Airlines

Normally, when passengers book flights with any airline, the basic process includes accusing the official site. Here, you can easily book the seats & can look for the other policies to make it more budget friendly. But, sometimes children wish to fly alone to get some new flying experience. So, here let’s read What Information is Needed for Children to Fly Delta Airlines?

It’s however recognized as the world’s oldest & major airline in the states. Choosing the airways will provide the best services. Whenever you intend to fly here, every time customers will get to experience something new. However, it’s the responsibility of the majority of aviation companies to take care of the people.

What are The Important Documents that are Required to Fly for a Child?

In America, travellers need a valid or office government issued id or passport from the origin country to clear the security.

What is the process to book a seat for an under-age with Delta?

Below are the steps to follow :

  • Go on my trips
  • Look for the special service requests section & click on “open” under the infant arms icon
  • Click the “+” next to request the infant in arms for the flights carrying the infants.
  • At, last fill in the required details & confirm

Do you need a birth certificate for minors?

Although, some airlines need the accompanying parents to show the age proof of the child.

You can also go through Delta Unaccompanied Minor policy to know more & get some more clarity.

Do kids need to show their IDs before flying?

Well, in the case of domestic flights, there isn’t any requirement to show any kind of documentation under 18. However, if they are under 14 years, a letter from the doctor is necessary.

Is it possible for the children to travel without a passport?

When travelling to other nations, presenting an official US passport is mandatory. Moreover, this rule is quite applicable regardless of any age & includes &, infants & newborns.

What is the process to get through the screening process at the airport?

Some important points to know :

  • Children ageing 12 or below can leave their shoes and light jackets followed by headwear.
  • They will not get separated from their parents or guardians.
  • Parents are requested to remove infants or children from the strollers & car seats & carry them in their arms while walking through metal detectors.

Moreover, if you are not quite satisfied with the respective terms & conditions here, then look for the other United Airlines Unaccompanied Minors.

Can you get a seat with the child?

The management always tries to make the particular journey convenient for the people, irrespective of the ticket type. Those who wish to sit with the other family members can go ahead with the airline’s main cabin product.

Here, you can make the seat selection of your choice & make the ticket changes.

Children travelling with the airline:

 There are several rules & regulations for their safety. However, minors are required to travel with some aged 18 years. In some cases, they need to move in a connecting carrier.

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