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Lightening up Interior Designer in Lahore with whimsical elements

A marble floor, a chandelier, and expensive, Interior Designer in Lahore, detailed furniture are some of the elements that come to mind when one thinks of luxury interior design. Even if you have a passion for opulence, living a life of luxury in our homes probably isn’t feasible, particularly if we have kids. Fortunately, the richness of ordinary life allows one to have the best of both worlds.

Luxury is both chic and functional at the same time. Luxury that is within reach. Long-lasting and appealing to both children and adults. We combine high quality, individualization, and the topic of discussion today, Interior Designer in Lahore.

What are some examples of the whimsical?

Just like a room’s smile, it can be difficult to describe the whimsical touches. The tone is more lighthearted and amusing. It makes opulent design cosier. It is necessary to view it in order to understand the role it plays in the house. Examine the projects we’ve worked on to see how we incorporated wacky design.

Surprise Animals

Are you able to see these animals? A comical pig sculpture sits atop an antique armoire that belongs to one of our clients in this contemporary-classic North Vancouver condo (and starts conversations). A golden giraffe may be found on the right side of the family space in the basement of our customers’ home.

Each one brings its own unique element of surprise, colour, and whimsicality to these opulent settings. They set our customers’ houses out from the rest. Does your next-door neighbour have a sculpture of a chubby pig?

Creating a Delightful Pattern with Additional Components

The use of whimsical design is not restricted to the depiction of animals. The family room of this West Side family home was brightened by a dramatic chandelier and a figurine of a ballerina dancing. These works provoke thought-provoking conversations and demonstrate our customers’ wry sense of humour, Interior Designer in Lahore.

Toys for youngsters served as our inspiration while designing the new workspace for this family. The end result is an environment that is welcoming to both children and adults. The inclusion of children’s toys demonstrates that you have considered them throughout the design process and provides them with a sense of belonging.

A Vibrant and Imaginative Pattern

The end tables in this master bedroom, which is inspired by luxurious hotels, have grey drawers that reveal a brilliant pink velvet lining! You are always taken aback by the design details that are the most quirky. On the other hand, quirky colour can be daring…

For the playroom mural that our customers requested, we decided to use colourful chairs as a compliment to the ferris wheel passenger carriages. Both children and adults will experience the creative pull of the room. It’s easy, and it’s a lot of fun.

Original wall murals and decorative paper

Walls can be given colour and composition through the use of patterned wallpaper and murals. The walls of this nursery were papered in a whimsical pattern that had golden yellow highlights. The nursery maintains a high level of cleanliness and professionalism but maintains its family- and adult-oriented warmth and amusement. (Even this cloud-shaped light fixture has a whimsical quality about it.)

This mural, which was inspired by nature, contrasts. It gives the space more depth and character, and it makes my daughter Findlay, who adores forests, beam with happiness. What brings you delight on a daily basis is another key to creating quirky design aspects in your house and in your life Best Interior Designer in Lahore.

You? Are you prepared to live in luxurious bliss every day? You will be able to construct a home that is creative, upbeat, and luxurious with our assistance. Please get in touch with us.

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