Is there a way to transfer all takeout data to Outlook?

If you are here then you are looking for a solution to transfer all data to take to Outlook. If so, you’re in luck. In this post, we will explain to you one of the best solutions to import Google Takeout to a new account in Outlook.

Google Takeout is a very important service offered by Google, which allows the user to take all their current data from Google and package it into a single file.

It’s a collection of everything you’ve ever done with your Google account: this includes all the pages you’ve saved, all your Gmail emails, YouTube videos you’ve watched, and Drive files you’ve transferred. And that’s the only tip of the iceberg.

Aside from this plethora of highlights, there’s no denying that Gmail is just an email system. Its major disadvantage is that it does not have desktop or offline rendering. Therefore, users can often use desktop email clients like Outlook, eM Client, Thunderbird, etc. for better email management.

Why Do Users Want to Migrate All Takeout Data to Outlook?

  • Microsoft Outlook is perhaps the most popular email benefit and it is growing a lot as time goes by.
  • Whether you need to send messages or contacts, Outlook saves all your information appropriately.
  • With improved and revised highlights accessibility, Outlook is taking over a lot of the spotlight.

How to Transfer All Takeout Data to Outlook?

It’s sad but true, but Takeout doesn’t offer a straightforward solution to migrate all data from Takeout to Outlook. But you can easily export Takeout mailbox data and convert it to PST format using Corbett Google Takeout Converter and easily import it to any Outlook profile or account.

  • Open the URL: on your system.
  • Then fill in the Google account credentials to connect the account with Outlook.
  • After that, press deselect all and then click on the mailbox folder you want to transfer.
  • Then hit the next step to choose the size, frequency, and file type based on the requirements.
  • After that press Create Export and after finishing the process you will receive a download link in your mailbox.

Way to Convert Takeout Exported File In Outlook compatible file extension

  • Download the wizard on your Windows system and then launch it.
  • Find the Takeout file and open it in the software panel.
  • Hit the PST option in the list of export options.
  • Lastly, browse to the destination of the result, and then press save to get a result immediately.

Other Prominent Features Of Using Alternative Solutions

Observational Verdict

In this informative post, we have explained one of the best solutions to transfer all your takeaway data to Outlook. We have also discussed the basic description and the reason behind this question. In addition, we also provide one of the best and easiest ways to migrate all your data to Outlook, saving you time and effort.

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