Know which doctor to look for to lose weight in a healthy way!

When it comes to healthy weight loss, it’s hard to know which doctor to go to for weight loss. 

Many try it on their own from fad diets to extreme exercise regimes, however, one of the best ways to ensure sustainable and healthy weight loss is to consult a doctor or appropriate healthcare professional.

A doctor can help you develop a personalized plan that takes into account your unique needs and goals, and also provide support and advice throughout the process, helping you stay on track and avoid potential health risks.

So, if you’re serious about weight loss counseling in a healthy way, seeing a doctor or a health professional who focuses on nutrition is a great first step.

But after all, which doctor to look for to lose weight in a healthy way?

Throughout the text we will deal with the subject. Check out!

How important is it to maintain the ideal weight?

It’s crucial to maintain a healthy weight for a number of reasons. First, the fact that being overweight can increase the risk of developing chronic health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Excess weight can also burden bones and joints and cause less disposition, in addition to increasing the risk of cancer.

On the other hand, being at a healthy weight has numerous benefits, such as generating more energy, maintaining a healthier and longer life, reducing the risk of developing chronic health conditions. 

However, in order to lose weight healthily, it is often necessary to give up a lifestyle full of fatty foods, sugars and ultra-processed foods and start a true revolution.

Often, a change is needed to live healthier and longer. But calm down, it is possible to start slowly, respecting your food routine and counting on the help of professionals throughout the process.

Which doctor to see to lose weight?

You must be wondering, but after all, which doctor should I go to to lose weight? After all, there are several possibilities when it comes to healthy weight loss. 

Many people immediately think of the nutritionist, who is not a doctor, but has the very important role of planning the patient’s diet.

However, there are some specialties that can work with the patient in a multidisciplinary follow-up, which is the case of obesity and some chronic diseases, for example.

Check, therefore, the performance of some medical specialties and other health professionals and understand which is the best doctor to lose weight.


Doctors with a focus on the endocrine system, which is in charge of generating hormones, are known as endocrinologists. Hormones play a vital role in regulating metabolism in our body.

However, many people do not know that the endocrinologist can also help patients lose weight by managing hormone levels.

Thyroid hormone levels, for example, may be what is preventing you from losing weight if there is an imbalance.

Endocrinologists can also provide dietary advice and work closely with the dietitian to help identify hormonal problems, assist with weight loss and develop a personalized treatment plan.


If you are in doubt about which doctor to go to to lose weight, know that the nutrologist is a doctor who specializes in the area of ​​nutrient intake, in the identification of diseases and in helping to lose weight in a safe and effective way.

He can be considered one of the specialist doctors to lose weight with health and help with food reeducation.

In addition to providing dietary advice, nutritionists can also prescribe medications, order tests, or offer other treatments to help patients achieve their weight loss goals, always with a patient’s overall health in mind.

Whenever there is a need to improve the quality of life based on the patient’s diet and biochemical needs, the nutrologist can be contacted, but it is worth noting that he cannot prescribe diets. 


A nutritionist is not a doctor, but a trained nutritionist who can help you develop a healthy relationship with food and your body. 

In addition to providing guidance on what types of foods to eat to lose weight, they can also create a personalized diet plan that takes into account a person’s individual caloric needs.

The nutritionist also encourages and proposes some lifestyle changes that lead to long-term weight loss.

They can also provide support and motivation throughout the weight loss process, but cannot prescribe medications.

When to look for an endocrinologist to lose weight?

The endocrinologist is a doctor who helps to lose weight and treats several other problems related to metabolism and hormones. But when to look for it?

Well, the recommendation is to always consult with the endocrinologist to make sure that the weight gain is not (or is) related to hormones.

In addition, the endocrinologist will be able to detect other health problems that are affecting your excess weight and request additional tests to arrive at an accurate diagnosis.

Therefore, whenever you have a change in your body weight, with no apparent cause, that does not respond to dietary measures and adequate physical exercise, the endocrinologist can be one of the doctors to seek in order to lose weight.

Which doctor should I seek for food reeducation?

If you are looking exclusively for food re-education, it is important to seek a doctor who specializes in nutrition.

A registered dietitian can help you understand the nutrients you need to maintain your health and help you create a personalized eating plan.

Generally, follow-up with a nutritionist is indicated along with other medical specialties.

In this way, their performance complements each other, helping in the overall health of the patient.

Which doctor should I go to to change eating habits?

When it comes to changing eating habits, again the nutritionist is the most suitable professional for this follow-up.

He is the professional who accompanies and values ​​the quality of people’s food, indicating nutritious foods and a personalized menu according to the needs of each one.

In the case of restrictive diets or problems with eating disorders and treatment of chronic diseases, it is also possible to resort to the nutrologist, a doctor specialized in treating problems and diseases that are related to food.

What’s better for losing weight: nutritionist or endocrinologist?

It depends on the health conditions of each patient. If the person is having trouble losing weight despite following a strict diet and exercising regularly, the problem may be due to underlying health conditions.

In the case of problems related to metabolism, physiology and hormones, it is best to seek an endocrinologist.

He will be able to find out what is preventing the patient from getting the desired results and help with the treatment.

However, if the difficulty is to follow the diet, eat properly or even know which foods are best for healthy weight loss, the nutritionist can be consulted. 

When to opt for a multidisciplinary treatment?

If the patient is obese, the most recommended option is to opt for a multidisciplinary treatment.

The endocrine, can help to assess the causes of the disease, possible complications and also in the prescription of medicines.

The nutritionist, on the other hand, will help with changing eating habits and the nutrologist can accompany the pre and postoperative period of bariatric surgeries, monitor exams and help ensure the patient’s general health.

And if the problem is linked to hormonal dysfunctions, in addition to follow-up with other doctors, the patient can also opt for a multidisciplinary treatment.

If you are having trouble deciding which doctor to go to, know that at Go Clínica you receive comprehensive care, aiming at weight loss in general, with a multidisciplinary treatment.

We have all the medical specialties that can help you lose weight.


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