Learn the Art of Saving Money at Ulta Beauty

saving money at ulta beauty

When we think about enormous cosmetics, skincare items, and hair care needs, Ulta Beauty is a beauty lover’s first thought. Though we understand that sometimes it can be challenging to stick to a budget, thus putting a dent in your wallet due to the overwhelming range of possibilities, you can utilize certain strategies while navigating Ulta Beauty’s aisles to avoid breaking the bank.

Yes, you read that right! In this blog, we’ll discuss how you may indulge in your guilty pleasure at Ulta Beauty and save a ton of money. This guide includes everything from insider tips to creative hacks to help you shop more wisely.

Hence, whether you’re an expert in skincare, makeup, or hair care, buckle in and get ready to explore Ulta Beauty’s world of smart shopping. We will demonstrate how to maximize Ultamate Rewards points, take advantage of specials and promotions, and even find hidden gems in the clearance area. As you maintain your budget, get ready to kill the beauty game!

1) Advantage from Sales and Promotions

Ulta Beauty frequently provides various sales and promotional offers throughout the year. Stay informed by regularly checking their official website, monitoring their social media platforms, and subscribing to their email newsletters. Stay alert for seasonal discounts, holiday specials, and events such as the widely popular 21 Days of Beauty sale, where you can discover substantial price reductions on various products. Consider using these promotions to replenish your favorite items or explore new products at discounted prices.

2) Earn Cash Back with RebateMe

Additionally, maximize your savings by earning Cash Back when you shop at Ulta through reputable Cash Back websites like RebatesMe. This platform offers an exceptional online shopping experience at ULTA Beauty, ensuring you receive the highest Cash Back rewards. Partnering with ULTA Beauty, RebatesMe allows you to effortlessly earn Cash Back from the comfort of your home by simply adding their free extension to your browser. The best part is that this offer has no expiration date, meaning you can earn ULTA Beauty Cash Back on all online purchases.

Furthermore, RebatesMe extends beyond being a means to earn ULTA Beauty Cash Back. With access to over 4000 stores and brands, including Sephora, MAC, Bloomingdales, Michael Kors, Nike, eBay, Vitacost, Walmart, and Chewy, it becomes a versatile platform for maximizing savings across various retailers. How many other platforms give such a fantastic Cash Back offer? So, browse the Ulta Beauty aisle online and grab the opportunity to its full potential.

3) Anticipate Bonus Point Events

Keep an eye out for Ulta Beauty’s bonus point events, where you can accrue extra points on specific brands or products. Capitalize on these occasions to accumulate points more rapidly, bringing you closer to redeeming rewards or discounts. Plan your purchases strategically to make the most of these bonus point opportunities.

4) Create an Ultamate Rewards account

A great method to save money at Ulta Beauty is to sign up for Ultamate Rewards, the store’s loyalty club. It costs nothing to sign up, and there are several advantages. Every purchase you make as a member earns you points you may use for future purchases. Members of Ultamate Rewards also get birthday gifts, early access to deals, and special offers and promotions. Check your email and the Ultamate prizes app frequently to receive customized promotions and prizes based on your purchasing preferences.

5) Strategize Your Shopping During Ulta Beauty Sale Seasons

Ulta Beauty orchestrates specific sale seasons throughout the year, such as the Spring Haul Sale, the Gorgeous Hair Event, and the Holiday Beauty Blitz, offering additional discounts on various products. Mark these dates on your calendar and plan your purchases accordingly to capitalize on incredible deals and discounts spanning hair care, skincare, makeup, and fragrances. Prepare a wishlist to seize the discounts promptly when the sale commences.

6) Delve into the Clearance Section

Explore both online and in-store clearance sections at Ulta Beauty for discounted products, discontinued items, or limited-edition sets at reduced prices. While the selection may vary, this is an opportunity to discover hidden gems at a fraction of their original cost. Whether you’re keen to try new products or stock up on favorites, this approach allows you to do so without straining your budget.

7) Leverage Coupons and Manufacturer Offers

Take advantage of manufacturer coupons at Ulta Beauty by sourcing them from magazines, newspapers, or online coupon platforms. Boost your savings by combining these with Ulta’s coupons, which are accessible on their website, app, or catalogs. Hunt for enticing deals like “buy one, get one free” or discounts on specific brands. However, carefully review coupon terms, including any restrictions or expiration dates, to ensure their validity during your shopping excursion.


You don’t have to be a demanding customer to save money at Ulta Beauty. You can confidently cross the aisles and make the most of your beauty budget by putting these money-saving ideas into practice. To save money without compromising your passion for beauty, join Ultamate Rewards, take advantage of discounts, keep up with deals and specials, and browse clearance sections. You can indulge in your favorite things while managing your budget if you prepare ahead of time and purchase wisely.

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