Legal Metrology Registration in India: Online LMPC Registration

Legal Metrology Registration

In order to regulate and enforce the standards of measures and weights, the government enacted the Legal Metrology Act, of 2009. It regulates all the equipment and standards associated with measurements, weights and goods that are being distributed or sold through measures, weights and numbers. But what is covered under the Legal Metrology Act? Who needs to obtain registration under the legal metrology law? Let’s find out!

Who Needs to Obtain Legal Metrology Registration?

Any person who deals with weighing and measurement equipment is required to obtain registration under the Legal Metrology Act. This normally includes importers, manufacturers and packers. Further, the following are the types of registrations under the Legal Metrology Act you can apply for:

  • Model Approval: Model approval shall be obtained from the Central Government for products falling under the weights and measurement categories. The sample should be submitted in the lab for testing and its conformance according to the prescribed standards.
  • Import License: An importer license under legal metrology shall be applied for after obtaining the model approval from the legal metrology department.
  • Dealership License: If an importer imports a product and sells it under the same brand name, then such person shall obtain a legal metrology dealership license.
  • Packaged Commodity Registration: It is applicable in the case of packaged goods and products that are being sold to the end consumers. Manufacturers and importers shall provide relevant information on the packaged goods.
  • Repairer License: Any person who is engaged in the repairing of weights and measurements shall be required to obtain the repairer license under legal metrology. This includes a person who cleans, adjusts, lubricates or paints any measures or weights.

Benefits of Legal Metrology Registration

Following are some of the significant benefits of legal metrology registration for the registered persons:

  • Curbing Losses: The Legal Metrology Act lays down standards for uniform weights and measurements. This negates any bad measuring and weighing practices that are harmful to both your business and customers.
  • Consumer Protection: Legal metrology registration in India protects the end consumers from unscrupulous traders. It ensures that the consumers receive what they are being told and this consequently increases their faith and confidence.
  • Accurate Tax Payments: Correct weighing and measurement tactics allow you to correctly charge your customers and this in turn leads to accurate tax payments. This eliminates the revenue loss for the exchequer.

Process of Legal Metrology Registration

The process of legal metrology registration involves filing an application for legal metrology registration online in the prescribed form. You shall submit the requisite information, upload the prescribed documents and pay the requisite fees. The concerned officers will scrutinise the application and decide on the approval or rejection thereof. The documents to be submitted shall depend on the type of legal metrology registration you are willing to obtain.

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