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The active component of Lumigan 0.03 Eye Drop is bimatoprost. Glaucoma, a condition marked by increased intraocular pressure, is treated with it. Use the dosage and duration of these eye drops as directed by your doctor. Itching, discomfort, and redness of the eyes are a few of the most typical Lumigan Eye Drop adverse effects. Consult your doctor right away if side effects worsen or if your condition doesn’t get any better.

lumigan 0.03 is the generic name for Bimatoprost. lumigan 0.03 pills retail for $49. If you wish to lower the price of your prescription, a Safe4Cure Bimatoprost discount may be useful. If you choose Safe4Cure, work pharmacies will sell you tablets for just $28.00. (Sleeping pills on big offers)


  • Intraocular hypertension

Increased fluid pressure inside the eyes is a defining characteristic of intraocular hypertension. To lower the pressure inside the eyes, use Lumigan 0.03% Eye Drops.

  • Open-angle Glaucoma

The term “glaucoma” refers to a set of eye diseases, mainly brought on by excessive intraocular pressure, that harms the optic nerve, which transmits information from the eye to the brain. When a person has open-angle glaucoma, the drainage canal clogs and keeps fluid from the eye from draining. As a result, it may cause an increase in intraocular pressure and eventually vision loss. The medication Lumigan 0.03% Eye Drops is used to treat open-angle glaucoma.


Bimatoprost works by speeding up the drainage of the fluids (aqueous humor) that have built up inside the eye, whereas LUMIGAN 0.03% OPHTHALMIC efficiently lowers the pressure within the eyes. As a result, the strain on the eyes is lessened, which lowers the increased intraocular pressure.

How Does It Work?

Our eyeballs are filled with a naturally occurring fluid substance. This fluid maintains a constant pressure inside the eyes by creating fresh liquid continuously and draining the extra liquid. When the liquid’s drainage is obstructed, your eye’s pressure increases, resulting in discomfort. The eye drop Lumigan increases this fluid’s outflow, which lowers eye pressure.

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