Troubleshooting Outlook Attachment Not Showing Error [Guide To Follow]

Troubleshooting Outlook Attachment Not Showing Error [Guide To Follow]

Resolve issues with Outlook attachments not showing incoming or outgoing emails. Outlook may block unsafe attachments and check the internet connection to fix this issue.

Fixing Outlook Attachment Not Showing The Issue

Sending and receiving attachments are the basic features of email communication. It can hamper your time and productivity if errors like Outlook attachments not showing or attachments disappearing occur. Read our comprehensive guide on troubleshooting such common issues. In this blog, we will explain the possible reason for this pesky problem and solutions to fix regain attachment in Outlook. 

Why Outlook Attachment Not Showing Error Occurs?

There can be many various reasons for Outlook attachments not showing in the header. Before fixing this error it is important to understand the root causes of this issue.

The causes behind Outlook not showing attachment errors are as follows:

  • Technical glitches
  • Poor Internet Connection
  • Caches and cookies interruption.
  • Limitations and security feature updates
  • Locked Outlook file previewer option.

Solving Outlook Attachment Not Showing Issue [Easy Guide]

Whether you are using Outlook for professional or personal purposes the solution provided in this post will fix your attachment issues. Users may face errors like Outlook attachments not showing after replying any time, so try these fixes:

Close and Relaunch Outlook again

Technical glitches may encounter Outlook attachment errors. To fix this first close all your files and then restart. Refresh your system once after closing files. You can also reload your browser to fix common technical errors. 

Verify Internet connection

Sometimes Outlook attachments not showing in the header part when sending or receiving mails can occur due to an overloaded Internet. The reason could be the poor or bad signal strength of the Internet service providers. To resolve this, make sure the Internet connected to your system is fine and tuned with strong signals.

Clean Outlook Caches:

Clear cache files stored in the cache folder of Outlook. The cache folder may get corrupt or outdated, causing common errors in Outlook. So, delete the Outlook cache and download new files in the App that contain attachments. 

Change File Extension

Security features of Outlook limit or block attachment of files unsafe for software functioning. Outlook restricts files such as  .exe, .bat, .js, or .vbs extensions, because they may contain viruses or malware. 

To change file extension follow these steps:

  • Use file explorer when working on Windows or Finder when working on Mac to locate the file you wish to attach to your device. 
  • Rename with Right-click on the file.
  • Convert the file extension to .txt or .docx.
  • Save the change by confirming and attaching the file in Outlook 

Unlock the Preview option in Outlook

Sometimes, you may not see or download attachments from your inbox directly. 

When Outlook attachments not showing in the header occurs due to this you might try previewing them first. Later save them to your device (by causing them to load in your cache).

Follow these steps to preview an attachment in Outlook:

  • Open the Outlook client email with the attachment.
  • To view the attachment, right-click on it and choose Preview 
  • A new pane will appear with a preview of the file. 
  • Select Download if you wish to save the file. 

Wrapping Up:

Hope these troubleshooting tips will help you regain Outlook attachments not showing errors in a hassle-free manner. This problem can occur due to certain reasons but fixing them with smart tricks can resolve this pesky problem once and for all. 

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