Most Popular Android Apps That are Made Using Kotlin, like Tinder

Most Popular Android Apps That are Made Using Kotlin, like Tinder

If you have noticed, the popularity of Java has been pretty much acquired by Kotlin in the past few years. Yes, Kotlin has garnered the attention of software developers to such an extent that they prefer it not just to create Android apps but Windows too. 

That means Kotlin is a cross-platform programming language that can construct multiple variants of an app using a single codebase. But have you ever wondered what made Kotlin so prominent in the software industry? 

No? Then, we must notify you that it is fully supported by Google as they declared Kotlin an official language for Android app construction in their I/O 2017 Developer Conference. Thus, if you are thinking about how to fabricate your next Android app easily, it is the best decision to hire Kotlin developers without a second thought. Ok? Got it? Now, let’s view:

Some Key Kotlin Statistics You Must See Before You Hire Kotlin Developers

  1. As per a survey done by a Czech software development agency, Kotlin is among the top 5 computer languages that software professionals are planning to shift to. 
  2. The same survey also further discloses that Kotlin is growing aggressively and is actually one of the quickest-growing computer languages across the globe. 
  3. Although Kotlin has a battery of uses, 81% of software personnel suggest it for Android app formation. 

If these stats related to Kotlin have impressed you and you want to build a fantastic mobile application for your existing brand, please make sure to hire Kotlin developers without any delay. 

With that understood, it is time to grasp:

A few Popular Android apps that are powered by Kotlin 

  1. Netflix

Have you ever given thought to how Netflix handles hundreds of thousands of users each day? Why does their Android application fail to crash? Just so you know, Netflix had more than 50,000 titles and 5817 web series till March 2020, which is up surging continuously. 

Still, the chances are low that you will face even a minor issue while viewing any media item on Netflix. And the biggest reason behind that is Kotlin. But how? You might want to know. Well, in the case of Netflix, Kotlin has a simple syntax that comes in handy in improving the speed and efficiency of Kotlin app developers. 

Yes, now it requires fewer lines and comparatively less time than other programming languages to write a mobile app. A large number of people even love Kotlin for some of its traits, like:

  1. Quality 
  2. Readability 
  3. Compactness 

Now if you too wish to utilize Kotlin for your subsequent Android app development, you must not hem and haw to hire Kotlin developers even a bit. 

What were the issues Netflix was experiencing before tapping Kotlin?

  1. The app used to stop working sometimes owing to getting accessed by a multitude of users. 
  2. The size of Netflix’s app was bigger than usual. 
  3. The application used to run slowly after some time.

How does Kotlin aid Netflix in running smoothly?

Netflix has been planning to exploit a cross-platform method for a long time. And Kotlin is one of the programming languages where codes are compatible with different operating systems, like Android and iOS. In fact, Netflix app creation has been carried out with the help of Android Kotlin library and Kotlin is actually a native universal SDK for iOS app development. 

You might not know this, but the truth is that such a feat has been achieved using Kotlin-native which enables code to be shifted natively for the iOS platform instead of operating in the Java Virtual Machine.   

Hence, if you also want to take advantage of such abilities of Kotlin to improve your current app’s performance, do not forget to hire Android app developers specializing in Kotlin programming language to optimize your application.  

  1. Pinterest 

You might be familiar with Pinterest as it is a top-notch photo-sharing application that was forged in the Android variant initially. Also, the entity was established in 2010, post which it was transferred from Java to Kotlin in the year 2016. 

And just to let you know, the most powerful reason for such a transition was the strong nature of Kotlin language. Beyond this, Pinterest called on Kotlin for their app fabrication even before Google officially declared its support for this computer language. 

After getting influenced by these pieces of information about Kotlin, if you want to create a multi-platform app for your brand now, kindly make sure to hire Kotlin developers as soon as possible.  

What were the troubles Pinterest was coming across?

For your kind information, there was a time when Java was deemed to be the main language for customized Android app development. But the Pinterest team was looking for a compact, modern, and promising alternative. Also, with Java at the Pinterest development team’s disposal, they were required to give more time to make and test their product.    

How does Kotlin assist Pinterest in operating better?

According to organizations that allow to hire Android app developers, Kotlin enables professional developers to code quickly and that too with confidence. It eliminates wads of repetitive tasks that are generally required when tapping Java. 

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The user experience of the application ramped up to a great extent along with its usability. 

The experts of the entities that allow to hire Kotlin developers say Pinterest is pretty famous in the world and has been in operation for the last few years. And you will be stunned to know that their Android application is exploited more than their website around the world just because of their functionality and convenience of use.  

  1. Uber 

Uber is one of the most widely-known mobile programs that is adept at delivering taxi and food delivery services. This particular brand has brought Kotlin into its use, especially for smartphone software creation. And the primary reason behind this is their internal tools were malfunctioning, including their model management. Due to this, they invested big time in Kotlin app creation for internal tooling procedures, such as Grade plugins, and annotation processors. As a result, it allows Uber app users to use internal tools effortlessly. 

Now, if you want to see such improvements in your mobile app too, then hire Kotlin developers for the same from a highly popular IT organization in the world. 


Now that you have gone through the entire content piece, we want to know if you wish to give a shot to the Kotlin next time. If your answer is yes, please hire Kotlin developers right away for your subsequent mobile app development or mobile app optimization plan. 

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