QuickBooks Script Error

QuickBooks Script Error When Accessing Company File [Solved]

This error might be particularly frustrating if it pops up while trying to get your regular work done. When you try to open a file associated with your business, this error message will often appear. Unlike most other types of errors, script errors have no discernible source and often appear out of nowhere. An error with the page’s script could cause a page’s failure to load when you try to access a file or utilize the QuickBooks application.

Please understand that this is a harmless error that in no way compromises the page’s integrity. Any data you have in QuickBooks is safe against a Troubleshooting steps to fix QuickBooks Script Error. QuickBooks employs Internet Explorer’s connection settings by default; thus, these issues often arise when working online. You might get the following error message on your desktop screen when this error appears on your desktop screen:

What Causes the QuickBooks Desktop Script Error?

Any number of diverse causes can set off a QuickBooks desktop script issue. We have noted some of the most apparent causes of this error below:

  • Bringing in an invoice with accounts that don’t match your assets or payables.
  • Script software is damaged and/or related data is incompatible.
  • You’re using an already taken account name and number.
  • There may be errors with your QuickBooks data file.
  • Scripting issues are a likely result of using Active X components.
  • If script debugging is turned on, you may also encounter such an error.


We have seen above the ways to troubleshoot QuickBooks Script errors like a professional. By default, QuickBooks use Internet Explorer’s connection settings, which can be a source of script issues. Script issues manifest in QuickBooks Desktop if JavaScript or VB Script fails to install correctly, or Internet Explorer cannot execute these scripting languages for whatever reason.


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