Cardboard Pillow Boxes

Reasons Behind The Success Of Cardboard Pillow Boxes

Pillow boxes are among the most aesthetically appealing packaging boxes in the entire packaging industry. They have an eye-catching box design and at the same time, they are very practical, offering a range of advantages for packing a variety of items. Recently, cardboard pillow boxes have become very popular as favor boxes, apparel boxes, gift boxes, and for holding a huge variety of other products.

They provide a reasonable box strength and can be made in various sizes. Let us have a look at some of the important features of cardboard pillow boxes that are helping them get on the list of the most popular box designs in the packaging industry.

Cardboard Pillow Boxes Have A Unique Shape

The top reason for the increasing popularity of pillow boxes is their unique shape. They have an eye-catching, unique, and practically useful shape.

The pillow boxes have two side flaps bending inwards. This makes the box inflated in the middle giving it the shape of a pillow. It is particularly very spacious and hence allows all sorts of products to be packaged beautifully and safely.

Because of the beautiful shape of the pillow boxes, one of their most popular uses is in the form of gift boxes and favour boxes. However, these boxes are shipped flat and it helps save a lot of space. Their assembling is easy and can be done quickly.

Pillow Boxes Allow Huge Customization

You can customize the pillow boxes in innumerable ways. For example, they can be made in various sizes. The pillow boxes can be small enough to carry tiny objects like candies, sweets, chocolates, etc. They can be of medium size for packaging the items like jewellery, watches, perfumes, etc. Or they can be large-sized for such products the apparels.

Moreover, pillow boxes make one of the very famous gift boxes. They can be beautified and decorated in many ways to give them the outlook of the perfect premium custom boxes.   Their shape alone is enough to make them presentable as gift boxes. To add to their beauty, you can get them decorated with ribbons, laces, brooches, flowers, and other decorative features. Moreover, you can also add small beautiful handles to the pillow boxes. They can have windows cut in the middle to give an even more alluring appearance.

Moreover, the pillow boxes can be given the colour of your choice. The most commonly seen pillow boxes are black, grey, red, and vintage Kraft brown. However, you can get pillow boxes in any colour of your choice.

Similarly, when it comes to printing here also, the pillow boxes can be customized in many ways.  The general trend with pillow boxes is that water-based high-quality inks are used for printing on these boxes. Their inflated surface provides a perfect canvas for printing anything of your choice. These boxes are perfect for carrying your company’s logo in the most professional manner. Besides, you can also use offset or digital printing and you can get these boxes printed with all sorts of text and graphics. They also support additional options like raised ink, embossing, spot UV and gold, or silver foiling.

Similarly, you can get these boxes laminated in the coating of your choice. Specifically, the gift boxes or the favour boxes are generally coated in a final finish to give them a touch of luxury. For example, you can go for the aqueous coating, the gloss finishing, the semi-gloss finish, the matt finish, or the spot UV among the other options.

The Pillow Boxes Are Eco-friendly

The pillow boxes are generally made with card stock. The common trend is to get them made with recycled material. Hence, these cardboard pillow boxes made them highly eco-friendly. They can be readily decomposed and even recycled. These boxes are as friendly for the environment as their source i.e. the trees. Hence, they are generally preferred by eco-conscious companies because these boxes can actually help reduce non-biodegradable packaging waste. They can be a great means of reducing the carbon footprints on Earth.

Moreover, relying on biodegradable packaging boxes for your company gives your company a positive image of your company to potential customers. Using recycled or recyclable packaging boxes helps you earn the image of a responsible company that values the well-being of the generations to come. Hence it can indirectly help you earn goodwill and improve your sales as you would be preferred over those competitors who are using boxes made with synthetic material.

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