The Best English Proficiency Test To Study Abroad

When it comes to proving English proficiency then, the candidates have some mind blowing options to go ahead with. Such as the IELTS exam, the PTE exam, TOEFL, and CAE. No doubt, each test has its own benefits. However, we recommend you to go ahead with the IELTS, PTE, and TOEFL. The IELTS exam is recognized by  so many organizations abroad that make it a perfect choice for the candidates willing to travel abroad. However, they can also opt for the PTE exam and other excellent proficiency tests that match their requirements. The IELTS exam has quite a strong recognition in comparison to other proficiency tests. 

The significance of the English language makes it a necessity for the people who want to flourish in the English language. 

Don’t worry! If you are struggling to choose the best test among the available options. Then, we will help you choose the best by shedding light on the meticulous details of the top English proficiency tests. This article is all about the details of the most promising English proficiency tests. Read this article and opt for the best one. Let us tell you that every test has some differences that make them suitable to the preferences of the candidates. For example, Candidates struggling with the IELTS reading section can opt for the PTE exam. Because the reading section of the PTE exam is quite easy to attempt in comparison to the IELTS exam. 

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Let’s learn the meticulous details of the top English proficiency tests to study abroad:

The IELTS exam

Being recognized by numerous companies abroad as well as India, the IELTS exam is quite a prominent English proficiency test. Along with this, the exam is quite reputable for accessing the English proficiency of the candidates at the deepest level. The exam has four sections to assess the candidate’s proficiency in all the language skills. With the help of the experience of the candidates, the experts have ranked the IELTS reading section as the toughest section. 

To be genuine, the IELTS exam is a perfect choice for the candidates who are eager to study abroad. The exam will also help them make their resume quite impressive. 

The PTE exam

The PTE exam, due its easy structure, has gained string recognition as the best English assessment test. The best part of the PTE exam is its structure. The structure helps the examiner access the English proficiency of the candidates easily in the quickest way. Moreover, the quick results makes it the best option for the candidates willing to process their visa applications faster.

Apart from this, the toughness of the IELTS reading section makes the candidates look for the easier option. And they find the PTE exam quite the best alternative to the IELTS exam. 

To your surprise, the questions that you will receive to answer in the PTE exam will be quite shorter in comparison to other English proficiency tests. Thus, if you are struggling hard to excel in the IELTS exam. Then, consider taking the sample papers of the PTE exam. If you feel satisfied with your performance then, don’t hesitate to go ahead with the PTE exam. Because the PTE exam is also recognized by a huge heap of companies. 


The TOEFL helps the educational institutes ensure that the user is ready to study in an English speaking environment. It is often said that the test has a strong recognition among the American institutes. However, one must take proper guidance from the experienced people who have in-depth knowledge of these concepts. The certification that comes with the TOEFL exam will be valid for two years. Remember that the candidates appearing for the TOEFL exams must possess the valid passports. 

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The candidates who are willing to receive a certification that doesn’t have any expiry date. Then, they can opt for the CAE exam. Cambridge English Advanced test is also a perfect English proficiency test that candidates can opt for. 

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