Things To Avoid In The State Of Ihram- February Umrah Packages

February Umrah Packages

Before beginning their Umrah journey, Muslims must enter the hallowed state of the ihram. Muslims must enter the state of Ihram before beginning their Umrah. The main reason that pilgrims go to Masjid e Ayesha is to make Niyyah for Ihram. They enter the state of Ihram in the Masjid e Ayesha. However, it is not required to go to Masjid e Ayesha to wear Ihram. Before visiting Mecca, pilgrims whose flights land in Jeddah can don Ihram. With, you may find the greatest flights. We are providing you with our top packages for Umrah in February by February Umrah packages.

Allah Ta’ala has established a set of guidelines for the state of Ihram. When Muslims are in a state of Ihram, they must respect the boundaries that Allah Almighty has set. Every man and woman performing the Umrah is required to abide by these sets of guidelines. Some actions are forbidden for Muslims in this holy place, according to Allah Almighty. They must abide by these guidelines or their Umrah is void.

What Are The Things That Pilgrims Are Prohibited From?

When a Muslim is in the ihram state, some actions are forbidden because it is a sacred state. All Muslims are required to abide by the directives that Allah Almighty has given them. Let’s look at these points in more detail:

Use Of Perfume Or Fragrance

When you are in the state of Ihram, fragrance-containing items are not permitted. You cannot use perfume while you don Ihram and enter the State of Ihram in the Masjid-e-Ayesha. Additionally, anything with a scent of any kind is prohibited. Before leaving the state of Ihram, you cannot use any soap or shampoo, even if they contain fragrance. The list of restrictions includes the use of oil or Kajol. You may travel with perfume. As a result, you can use it both before and after the Umrah ceremonies.

Our beloved Holy Prophet PBUH used to get perfume from Hazrat Ayesha R.A. when they traveled for the Hajj and Umrah rituals. When He returns from Hajj and Umrah, She also perfumes Him. Food that contains fragrant oil is also prohibited for consuming the food when you are in a state of Ihram. You cannot eat meals cooked with, for instance, sandals or rose oil due to their pleasant scent. Apples and other items do not fall under the restriction category. They are permissible to consume when in Ihram. Even though you cannot smell the rose while in Ihram, you still have it with you.

You must abide by these limitations. If you do not abide by them, you will need to make amends. Utilize cheapumrahpackages’ February Umrah packages to perform the pilgrimage.

Covering Of Face For Women

Women have no permission to hide their faces in the sacred state of Ihram during their Umrah pilgrimage. During the Umrah voyage, just two parts of the person’s body shall be exposed. She must cover every part of her body but her hand and face, which must be present outside the covering. These two body components can be visible during the state of Ihram in your Umrah journey. In the Ihram state, gloves are prohibited because they would cover your hands.

So, you cannot wear gloves for any purpose due to this prohibition. You can utilize something that covers your face without coming in contact with your skin. However, nothing on your hands or face should touch the skin on your hands or face. It is because this violates the rules of Ihram clothing. So, exercise caution. It will make your Umrah journey a perfect one. You must follow these rules when you go to perform the Umrah journey this year.

Covering For Head For Men

Men have no permission to cover their heads when in the sacred state of Ihram, just as women are not permitted to cover their faces. Even men are unable to completely conceal their heads. Anything touching your head is for covering the head. It doesn’t imply you can’t carry a thin band or an umbrella. But when in the state of Ihram, you cannot cover your head or wear anything on it. Make sure that you are not wearing anything on your head when you are in the state of Ihram. Perform the Umrah journey this year with our greatest discounts, too.

Using Oil Or Wax On Hair Or Beard

We already know that aroma is present in oils and waxes. Oils are typically used on hair and beards. But if you’re in the Ihram state, you can’t utilize them. You can use an oil that has no scent if it is odorless and available. The use of unscented soaps, waxes, and oils is not a prohibition, you can use them. All these rules must be present in your mind while you undertake the Umrah journey this year. You will have the best opportunities thanks to Grab the February Umrah packages as quickly as you can.

Removal Of Hair And Nail

You cannot cut your hair or remove your nails when in the condition of Ihram. The cutting off of fingernails or toenails is also strictly prohibited. Furthermore, it’s against the law to shave your body. By cutting or using any other method, you are not even able to remove a single hair from your body. You can remove the hair both before and after donning the Ihram, but not while it is on. There is no restriction if your hair is falling out naturally. It is a result of hair falling out naturally. But you have no permission to cut them by yourself.

Hunting Of Animals

Hunting an edible animal is not permission for you in the state of an Ihram state. There is a rare circumstance in which it is acceptable to kill an animal that poses a threat to the local population. However, if an animal is edible to you, you cannot kill it. You can kill a domestic animal if it becomes wild to save the lives of people. Furthermore, you must make amends for your actions if you kill a domesticated animal for food without a valid justification. The sacrifice of an animal is the atonement for this crime. This creature must resemble a goat, cow, etc. Give this animal’s flesh to all the needy and underprivileged individuals. Don’t waste any more time; go to Umrah in February. Take advantage of Umrah packages in February 2023 for your Umrah.

Physical Intimacy

You cannot perform any of the intimate acts when you are in the state of Ihram. Even inviting behaviors that encourage physical intimacy are forbidden in the state of Ihram. If the husband is in the Ihram state, then his wife should refrain from doing anything that would allow them to have physical intercourse. On the other hand, the husband should avoid the wife if she is in the Ihram state.

Another crucial point is that you cannot enter into a marriage contract in the state of Ihram. Any marriage agreements that we make in the state of ihram are invalid. So, remember all of these restrictions.


In conclusion, Ihram is the most revered state when performing the Umrah pilgrimage. Due to this, Allah Ta’ala has established certain guidelines for the state of Ihram. As a Muslim, you have to abide by these regulations. Avoid engaging in activities that Islam does not permit us in the state of Ihram. Additionally, use to perform Umrah In February with cheap February Umrah packages.

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