Top 25 Talent Assessment Tools in 2023 (How to Choose One)

Talent Assessments offer valuable insights to HR teams about their candidates and improve talent decision-making. Here we have listed the top 25 talent assessment tools to consider when searching for your assessment needs. we will also explore the benefits of talent assessment tools, the biggest mistake often made when selecting tools, best practices to follow, and how to move into using an assessment marketplace.

Our List of Top 25 Talent Assessment Tools

Here is a compiled list of top global talent assessment tools to consider implementing in your talent processes.

Name — Accendo

Tools Offered — Agility, Culture, Digital Mindsets, Game-based, Functional, Psychometrics, Sales, Simulations, Technical

Name — Aon

Tools Offered — Ability and Skills Assessments, Behavioral Assessments, Coding Assessments, Gamified Assessments, Job Simulations, Video Interviewing, Virtual Assessment Center, Remote Proctoring

Name — Codility

Tools Offered — Technical

Name — Criteria

Tools Offered — Cognitive Aptitude, Personality, Emotional Intelligence, Risk, Skills, Video Interviewing, Game-Based Assessments

Name — DDI

Tools Offered — 360 Feedback, Behavioral Interviewing, Coaching, Consulting, Leadership Courses, Leadership Assessments, Leadership Competencies, Leadership Development, Succession Management, Success Profiles, Train-the-Trainer Workshops, Virtual Reality, Women in Leadership

Name — ExpertRating

Tools Offered — Pre-Employment Testing, Certifications

Name — HackerEarth

Tools Offered — Hackathons, Assessments, FaceCode, Learning & Development, Internal Hackathons

Name — HackerRank

Tools Offered — Enterprise Technical Hiring, Remote Hiring, University Recruiting, Diversity & Inclusion, Professional Hiring, Professional Services

Name — Harrisons

Tools Offered — Talent Acquisition Assessments, Talent Development Assessments, Leadership Development Assessments, Organizational Development Assessments

Name — Hirevue

Tools Offered — Video Interview, Conversational AI, Assessments

Name — Hogan

Tools Offered — Talent Acquisition Assessments, Talent Development Assessments

Name — Interview Mocha

Tools Offered — Recruitment, Learning & Development, Job Boards & e-Learning Platforms, Skills Assessment Consulting

Name — Korn Ferry

Tools Offered — Assessment & Succession, Talent Acquisition

Name — MeritTrac

Tools Offered — Cognitive Assessments, Communication Assessments, Domain Assessments, Behavioral Assessments, Employability Skills Assessments, Coding and English Tests, Aptitude Tests, Psychometric Tests

Name — Mettl

Tools Offered — Online Assessments, Online Examinations, Hiring, Learning & Development

Name — Predictive Index

Tools Offered — Talent Optimization, Employment Hiring, Employee Management, Employee Engagement, Team Assessment, Behavioral Assessments, Job Assessments, Cognitive Assessments, Employee Engagement Survey

Name — PSI / Talogy / Cubiks

Tools Offered — Assessment Finder, Screen & Select Assessments, Develop & Engage Assessments, Cubiks Practice Tests, Personality Assessments (Cubiks Factors)

Name — Pymetrics

Tools Offered — Gamified Assessments, Career & Succession Planning, Leadership & Capability Development, Soft Skills API & Integrations, Mobility & Reskilling, Workforce Transformation

Name — Saville

Tools Offered — Talent Assessments, Learning & Development, Leadership Assessments, Personality Questionnaires, Sales Effectiveness Toolkit, Psychometric Training Courses

Name — SHL

Tools Offered — Behavioral Assessments, Personality Assessments, Cognitive Assessments, Skills & Simulations, Job-Focused Assessments, 360 Feedback, Video Feedback, Video Interviews, Assessment & Development Center

Name — Talegent

Tools Offered — PATH Personality, PATH Cognitive, PATH Values, Skills Tests, Gamify Suite, Video Interviews, Branding Videos, Digital Assessment Centers, Situational Judgment, Psychomotor Ability

Name — Talent Plus

Tools Offered — TalentBank, TalentMine, Talent Online Assessments, Talent+Hire, Applicant Tracking System

Name — Test Gorilla

Tools Offered — Assessments

Name — Thomas

Tools Offered — Personality Assessments, Behavioral Assessments, Aptitude Assessments, Emotional Intelligence Assessments, Engage Assessments, 360-Degree Feedback

Name — Wheebox

Tools Offered — Psychometric Assessments, Cognitive Assessments, Technical Assessments, Job Role Assessments.

Benefits of Talent Assessments Tools

Talent assessments have long been part of the hiring and promotional processes for most mid to large-sized companies. They come in different uses from the “time-pressured” Cognitive Test Suites, to the “discover yourself” Personality Profiles, and to the “let’s see what you’ve learned” Skill Test.

With an array of ways to gain insights into candidates even before interviewing them, it comes as no surprise that many companies have adopted talent assessments as a mandatory part of their recruitment and talent management process. In fact, as of 2019, 75% of Fortune 500 companies use psychometric testing in recruitment (Independent2019). Talent assessment tools have brought significant improvement to 3 critical areas of business:

Business Performance

  1. Increasing sales while reducing attrition rates
  2. Extend tenure and improve performance. Get the right people in the right roles.

Candidate Experience

  1. Win appreciation with branded and gamified assessments in a quick and engaging hiring process.

Process Efficiency

Know your metrics and align your talent strategy. Focus on what matters. Easily and seamlessly present results. What is even more impressive to note is companies that have kept a close eye on measuring the impact of their talent assessments were able to produce objective figures such as:

  1. 36% increase in revenue
  2. 40% decrease in resources
  3. 40% decrease in time-to-hire
  4. 25% increase in tenure experience

The Single Biggest Mistake in Talent Assessment Practices

All these impressive benefits make it look as if HR teams can do no wrong when they include talent assessment tools as part of their core talent processes.

However, even the best-trained HR teams often end up making one of the biggest

mistakes in their talent assessment practices — onboarding too many talent assessment tools.

Just as we over-indulge in desserts because they taste good only to later suffer, so do HR teams when they end up having too many tools, thereby diluting the original purpose.

Negative Effects of Having Too Many Assessment Tools

If talent assessments hold that much benefit, what could possibly be the negative effects of onboarding multiple tools? Let’s explore the 3 key negative effects of having multiple assessment tools:

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