Top Tile Trends of 2023: Bold Colors, Large-Format, Mixed Textures, Geometric Shapes, and Artisanal Designs

Top Tile Trends of 2023

In 2023, tiles have evolved to a new level of boldness and creativity. The range of colours is vibrant while the textures are mixed making it possible to create unique tile designs that instantly transform any space in your home or business. Are you ready? If so, let’s dive into some of the latest tile trends that will inspire your tiling plans in 2023!

Bold Colors

One of the biggest tile trends of the year is bold, vibrant colours. Gone are the days of muted beige and cream tiles – today’s designs are all about standing out and making a statement. Deep, rich hues like emerald green and navy blue are popular choices for floors, walls, and backsplashes. Consider using bold Aurees Adelaide tiles to accentuate a room with more neutral colours for a more subtle take on the trend.

Large-Format Tiles

Large format is another tile trend gaining traction and relevance in 2023. As the name suggests, large-format tiles are bigger than the average tile size, usually measuring between 12 and 24 inches per side. These oversized tiles create a sleeker, more modern, elegant, and practical look. If you want to create a comprehensive and open look, then large-format tiles are perfect! With a multitude of materials ranging from porcelain, ceramic, and natural stone available, these versatile tiles require fewer grout lines than traditional flooring making your space appear larger.

Mixed Textures

Incorporating a fusion of different textures is an increasingly popular tile trend that has been sweeping the design industry. Combining polished, smooth tiles with more rough, textured variants allows you to create an eye-catching and unique look for your space. For instance, you might pair a glossy white subway tile with a rough, matte-hewn slate tile. This trend is particularly effective in spaces like bathrooms, where a mix of textures can add depth and interest to an otherwise smaller area.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric tiles are also gaining popularity in 2023. These tiles look sharp and stylish and can serve as a functional design element that adds texture and visual interest to a space. Geometric tiles are available in a wide range of shapes, from triangles and hexagons to diamonds and all sorts of abstract designs. In addition, they create a striking visual effect when arranged in a repetitive pattern. As a result, geometric tiles are an excellent choice for walls, backsplashes, and feature walls.

Artisanal Tiles

Finally, we have artisanal tiles, popular handcrafted tiles that feature unique, irregular shapes and textures. Artisanal tiles are often made from natural materials like clay and are available in organic, earthy tones. This variant of Aurees Adelaide tiles is excellent for creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere in spaces like entryways. If you’re looking for something unique and eye-catching, then artisanal tiles are perfect!


These are just some of the tile trends you should look for in 2023. Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement with vibrant colours and large-format tiles or give your space a more organic feel with mixed textures and artisanal designs—the possibilities are endless!

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