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What are the main technologies and tools used for big data storage and processing?

Introduction to Big Data:

Big data is data that is available in large and complex groups. This can be available in the 3 forms. First is structured, second is semi-structured, and third is unstructured. Big data assignments help to squeeze out important information. 

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Top 4 Big Data technologies:

There are 4 technologies which are mainly used in big data. For storage and processing purposes.

1). Data storage

This technology deals with data storage. It can store, fetch, and manage big data. 

2). Data mining

This technology helps in extracting. useful patterns and latest trends from unrefined data. 

3). Data analytics

This helps in transforming data into information. which can be used to make effective business decisions. 

4). Data visualization 

This helps in creating spectacular visualizations from the data. This helps in the representation of data in a better way. 

Tools for Big data storage and processing:

Many tools work based on above mentioned technologies.

1). Apache Hadoop and MongoDB

They both are used In storing large amounts of data. They are user-friendly and consist of the lowest bugs or faults. 

2). Rapidminer and Presto

They both are used In making predictive models. They can transform unstructured and structured data into utilitarian forms. 

3). Apache Spark and Splunk

They are quick and efficient data analytics tools. They are also capable of making charts, graphs, bars, etc. 

4). Tableau and Looker

Tableau and Looker both are useful in making perfect visualizations. They are used in making pie charts, bar charts graphs, etc. 

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These are the main tools and technologies. which are used in big data storage and processing. They make its functioning smooth and easy to understand for organizations. 

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