What Happens When Your E-juice Expires?

If you are facing trouble with the shelf-life of vape liquid, you are at the right place. This blog will give you extensive information about e-liquid expiration and the highlighted effects of consuming outdated eliquids.

Does Vape Liquid Expire?

If you are looking for a straightforward answer, the answer is, “yes, it expires”. Generally, e-juices expire after around two years, but somehow it depends on the formation and components of e-liquids. For example, instead of using freebase nicotine, if you use nic salt, like Elf Bar vape liquids, the lifespan of e-liquid might increase as it slowly demeans your vape liquid.

How Long Does Vape Juice Last?

The expiry of e-juices might depend on their ingredients; e-liquids involve Propelyne Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, nicotine, and flavours. It affects the efficacy of e-juices as the concentrations of these elements matter. However, PG makes your vape liquid last longer; therefore, increasing the PG strength might improve your e-juice lifespan. 

Labeling Of Expiry Date:

From considerable vape juice brand collections, some of them have displayed labels with the best-before date, while others do not mention it on the e-juice bottles. One of the most explicit warnings for Elf Bar vape liquid is placing the expiry date. However, different manufacturing brands have different formats of expiration dates. For example, 

  • The Barista Brew Co. e-liquid brand is labeled best-before date in the format of MM/YY, i.e. 11/2022.
  • Another brand is AQUA e-liquid, labeled on the bottle as MM/DD/YY, i.e. 11/20/2022.
  • Some manufacturing brands can display the expiry date as BBMMDDYY, i.e. BB11252022.

Effects Of Using Out Dated E-liquids

E-liquids contain PG, VG, nicotine, and flavours; their suitable strengths are prominent in making your vaping experience delectable. All vaping benefits, including fruity flavour choices and a satisfied throat hit, are due to the efficacy of e-liquids. The following is a comprehensive explanation of some effects of consuming expired e-juice: 

Less Intense Flavour:

Consuming an expired vape liquid affects the efficacy of the e-juice flavours, which might destroy your whole vaping experience. The low intense flavour might be a prominent reason for an unpleasant vaping session, specifically if you are a flavour explorer. However, many e-juice brands, like Just Juice, offer a wide range of delectable flavours from which you can choose the required one according to your palate.

Unsatisfactory Throat Hit:

By using the run-out vape liquid, you might have an unsatisfactory throat hit during vaping. The reason behind this is the ineffectiveness of the e-liquid, which is caused by the expiration of the e-juice. However, throat hit plays a vital role in the satisfaction of individuals, such as if there is inappropriate nicotine content, it might affect your vaping session, and you will become uncomfortable while vaping.

Discolouration Of E-liquid:

Vape liquids of the ElfBar, one of the popular e-liquid brands, are composed of premium ingredients with desirable mouth-watering flavours. These e-juices are perfectly designed for all-level vapers. Still, it is of much importance not to use outdated vape liquids. You might notice the discolouration of e-juices or turn into a darker colour; the expired e-liquid might have a clearly visible sign of it.

Closing Statement:

To wind up the debate, it is stated that vape juices also have an expiration and it is recommended to prevent the consumption of outdated vape liquids to avoid unpleasant vaping experiences, unsatisfactory throat hits, and e-juice discolouration.

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