erectile dysfunction

What is erectile dysfunction and how is Cenforce treated?

Men with the sexual disorder erectile dysfunction are unable to make love in bed. It is typical for practically every guy to experience weaker or no erections from time to time due to stress, performance concerns, or excessive alcohol usage.

There are various erectile dysfunction remedies available at the moment, and they are given based on the severity of the problem, the underlying cause of the sickness, and even the patient’s anticipated body response to the prescription.

Oral medication is the first-line treatment for sexual dysfunction

PDE5 inhibitors are advised to treat erectile dysfunction caused by the insufficient blood supply to the penis.

Sildenafil citrate, sold as Viagra, was the first medicine designed to treat erectile dysfunction. There are various generic forms of Viagra available right now, including Sildenafil 50mg.

Oral sildenafil citrate pills take 30 to 60 minutes to start acting, following which they work for roughly 4 hours. If you are sexually excited within four hours of taking the medicine, you will be able to get an erection.

Since Viagra was the first oral prescription licensed by the FDA to treat erectile dysfunction, it has remained a popular choice among those seeking therapy for this ailment.


Cenforce 100 is another PDE5 inhibitor with effects comparable to Sildenafil citrate. It provides you with an additional hour of private time with your partner. Sildenafil lasts four hours, but Cenforce 150 lasts five, providing you an extra hour.

Yet, it’s worth noting that these medications only provide temporary relief from erectile dysfunction. If you wish to have a sexually intimate relationship with your lover, you must take the drug again.

Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals of these medications, let’s look at why they’re so popular. despite their temporary results, favored methods of treating erectile dysfunction.


These oral medications, as compared to other treatments such as penile pumps or injections, are extremely simple and convenient to use. This necessitates certain administrative skills. Oral tablets are simply swallowed with water.

They are quick and convenient for last-minute needs. Penile pumps take a long time to work, unlike surgical implants, which can take weeks to complete. A man and his partner may need months to have satisfying sex. Cenforce 100 has a faster onset than Sildenafil, whilst cenforce 150 has a longer half-life. Despite the presence of Sildenafil citrate, Cenforce Oral Jelly has an onset time of fewer than 10 minutes.

The use of oral pills for therapy is a quick and convenient choice. PDE5 drugs are ineffective in treating erectile dysfunction, so keep that in mind. If the psychological component of your ailment or low levels of the hormone testosterone in your body are at the base of your treatment, you may be prescribed antidepressants. These medications are significantly less expensive than alternatives such as penile pumps, injections, surgery, and implants. Despite the fact that brand-name medications for erectile dysfunction can be pricey, your doctor can prescribe many generic versions of these

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