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What Tasks Are Mainly Completed During An Mot?

Although the engine, clutch, and gearbox are not directly examined during the MoT, other important parts are, and since your engine needs to operate smoothly in order to pass the emissions test, it’s a good idea to stay on top of your Car Service in London.

The MoT tester will assess the body’s general health and structural integrity to make sure there is no significant damage. Additionally, they’ll check the horn, steering, suspension, fuel and exhaust systems, seatbelts, seats, doors, mirrors, load security, brakes, wheels, tyres, vehicle lights, bonnet, windscreen, windscreen wipers/washers, and the load security on the vehicle. It seems like a lot, but how do you ensure that everything is operating as it should?

There will undoubtedly be items that you are unable to check, which is why it is advisable to get your car serviced on a regular basis by a dependable expert. There are several components, though, that you may check ahead to make sure they are in good shape and functioning properly.


The MoT manual lists three appropriate rear-view mirror positions:

1. A device or outside mirror that offers a view of the vehicle’s offside.

2. A device or outside mirror that offers a view of the nearside of the car.

3. A device or inside mirror that offers a view of the vehicle’s back.

Thus, make sure all of your car’s required mirrors are in good shape, checking each one for cracks, exposed damage, and obstructions to your vision.

Warning lights

You should not ignore a dashboard error message because it will get detected during the test and could result in your car failing the test. So, it makes sense to have the issue treated by a qualified specialist as soon as possible in order to prevent it from developing into a potentially serious problem.


Your safety and the distance at which the vehicle can stop, especially in a slick environment, will get compromised if the tread on each of your car’s tyres, including the spare, is too shallow or partially worn away. The centre three-quarters of the tyre must have a continuous band of 1.6mm tread, which is the minimum allowable tread depth in the UK. A 20p coin can be used to quickly assess the tread. If they are legitimate, just place it into the grooves to reveal the coin’s outer band.


Check all of your vehicle’s lights, including the bulbs that illuminate the number plate, as well as the lenses to make sure they are all functioning properly. Getting assistance from someone makes life much simpler because checking the brake lights is not an easy task.

The test includes a headlight alignment component, so if in doubt, get the alignment checked and, if necessary, reset before the test.

Brake liquid

Locate the master cylinder reservoir by opening the hood when the engine is still cool and the car is safely parked in a flat area. The fluid within the container must be between the “min” and “max” markings that are visible on the side.

Engine oil

When bringing your car in for an MoT, make sure that the engine oil is at the proper amount. The dipstick can be used to check the oil level. Locate the dipstick by opening the bonnet while the engine is still cool and the car is safely parked in a flat place. The dipstick is typically marked with a yellow or blue ring or handle. To make sure it is clean, take it out and wipe off any extra oil with a rag or paper towel. Make sure the dipstick is fully inserted before replacing it. When you remove the dipstick again, oil residue should be visible between the dipstick’s “min” and “max” markings.

Wiper blades and the windscreen

While evaluating windscreens, be aware that some marks will pass an MoT while others won’t.

You should be fine as long as a mark is no larger than 40mm on the rest of the windscreen and is no greater than 10mm in length or diameter, is not blocking the driver’s view, and is not on that side of the windscreen. Chips, cracks, and large scratches are examples of these blemishes, but if you’re unsure, have it evaluated by an expert.

Don’t forget to verify that your wiper blades, including the rear ones, are in good working condition and that your washer reservoir has enough screen wash (not soap or washing liquid!) in it while you’re cleaning your windscreen. Make sure the rubber in touch with the glass is still flexible and undamaged.


The likelihood is that if it didn’t work, you’d already be aware of it and would have had it rectified. It’s probably the quickest and easiest test to perform.


Cleaning your automobile before performing your pre-MoT tests may seem needless, but it is a smart idea. It makes sense to keep your car clean even though it won’t fail its MoT if it’s a bit dirty since you need to make sure that your number plates are clean so they are easy to read and that the effectiveness of your lights isn’t compromised by dirt on their lenses.

Do electric cars require an MoT?

Yes. A three-year-old electric car is required to undergo an annual Book MOT London test, just like any other vehicle. It only differs in that the emissions level test is not necessary because it has a motor rather than an engine.

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