Which behavior health EHR triumphed between Patagonia Health EHR and One Touch EHR?

About Patagonia Health EHR and its features

Patagonia Health is a cloud-based, app-based software solution tailored to organizations that deliver Behavioral Health, Mental Health, and Substance Use Treatment Services. Patagonia Health’s solution consists of a federally recognized integrated Electronic Health Record (EHR), Practice Management (PM), and Billing software. The company’s objective is to eliminate two primary impediments to EHR adoption: usability and cost and the number one problem for customers: payment. Patagonia software Health’s solution is simple and has been designed to simplify processes, streamline operations, and increase productivity to provide better client experiences.

Key features offered by Patagonia Health EHR

  • Personalized encounter notes formats: This feature allows you to customize encounter note templates. Patagonia Health develops and modifies templates to match your requirements.
  • Secure messaging: Staff can communicate more effectively by sending secure communications.
  • Document management: Document management entails bulk uploading, categorizing, organizing, and securely storing documents online. Uploading and storage are both unlimited.
  • Patient Portal: A secure website where patients can view their health information.
  • Patients can examine their health data (with professional consent) and connect with providers via secure messaging.
  • Electronic prescription: This feature is SurescriptTM-certified, and it prevents drug-to-drug and drug-to-allergy interactions and checks drug formularies. Furthermore, it allows for the retrieval of prescription histories from various sources and the quick retrieval of existing drugs. Secure messaging allows list members and providers to communicate.
  • Clinical Decision Support (CDS): This includes automated clinical alerts based on patient circumstances and cloud-based CDS that supports HEDIS rules.

Let’s review One Touch EMR and its features.

One Touch EMR is a medical record and practice management tool for small to medium-sized businesses. It combines medical data, schedules, and supply management into a single platform, with a dashboard displaying daily schedules, pending orders, and patient and coworker conversations. In addition, it contains extensive patient interaction recording, including demographics, vitals, history, history of current illness, medications and allergies, and more for each visit, as well as an encounter chronology to help put therapy into context.

One Touch is web-based, with access portals through web browsers and the ability to access internet-capable devices, and it includes apps for iPads and iPhones. It is HIPAA-compliant and Meaningful Use certified. It offers scalable charging as well as a free option.

One Touch EMR features

  • Dashboard: An overall welcome page provides practices with a daily glimpse of their calendar, orders, labs, patient information, and more. It enables physicians to keep them organized from a single location.
  • Patient Portal: Having a patient portal is a game changer for the ease of your clinic. This function can help you reduce the quantity of managerial labor you previously conducted. For example, if you were in charge of scheduling appointments, billing, and so on, you can rest assured that the program will handle everything. 
  • Calendar: A calendar displays up to five providers’ schedules simultaneously and enables scheduling changes, including appointment creation.
  • Summary of the Encounter: Patient encounters are in-depth and include all necessary information to give doctors a clear picture when deciding on therapy. Patient history, history of current illness, vitals, medications and allergies, physical exams, and other forms provide adjustable templates for outlining patient interactions and treatment.
  • Superbill: A superbill is linked to the patient interaction summary. The service level can be chosen from a drop-down menu. Superbills can be approved by the admin and then exported as a PDF or printed.
  •  Electronic Prescription: This application allows you to make prescriptions remotely and deliver them to the most convenient pharmacy for your patient.
  • Reports: Reports include labs, prescription refills, clinical, meaningful use, and health maintenance. These reports can be generated and exported within the platform.
  • Treatment Plans: It facilitates handling future lab and procedure requests. It can enroll patients in health maintenance plans, fill prescriptions, and obtain orders from distant clinics.
  • Orders and Lab Feed: It keeps track of all orders and lab requests, noting details such as prescriptions and supplies used. Search filters enable providers to sort through their orders and requests for administrative purposes thoroughly.
  • Communication: Providers can communicate with coworkers or patients within the platform. It enables phone calls to be made from a patient’s chart and internal faxing and document transmission to internal and external sites.

Benefits of switching to Patagonia Health EHR

Patagonia’s program is extremely user-friendly and straightforward to use. The professors are knowledgeable and helpful. Patagonia Health EHR ensures superior patient care by providing customer-driven and cost-effective products. To improve the client experience, the EHR solution strives to smooth out day-to-day operations, increase efficiency, and optimize work procedures.

Treatment planning, clinical quality measurements, e-prescribing, group notes, case management, progress notes, and assessments are all included in Patagonia Health. Data entry is noteworthy because data entered by a user is subsequently passed on to the entire system.

Patagonia Health intends to address two major barriers to EHR adoption: cost and usability. It also aids clients in their billing. The product improves workflows, streamlines operations, and increases productivity to provide a better customer experience. Furthermore, the system includes many EHR templates that may be adjusted to meet the users’ needs.

Benefits of considering One Touch Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

The ONC-ATCB accredited One Touch Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software has several capabilities and is ONC-ATCB certified for meaningful use in stages 1 and 2. One Touch Patient Portal services are also included in the software bundle. As a result, patients may securely contact with their Health Care Providers while staying fully HIPAA compliant, and they can also use features like Telemedicine, Online Billing, Online Scheduling, and access to the medical summary. They also get appointment reminders and notifications. This cloud-based EMR software works with iPad, Android, laptop, and desktop devices, allowing practitioners to view their data anywhere at any time. In addition, One Touch EMR software includes a variety of support channels, including role-based assistance videos, online chat support, and a phone call with a person who knows the ins and outs of your practice. The support team at One Touch EMR is there to assist with questions, and the platform’s intuitive design makes it simple to fix problems.

Final thought 

Finally, the choice of medical software is determined by your practice’s needs and budget. For example, if you choose Patagonia Health, you will get an EHR system that suits the specific needs of Public Health and Behavioral Health companies. One Touch EMR, on the other hand, is a cloud-based EMR solution that assists practices such as Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, and General Practitioners in managing patients’ medical histories. Remote access to the solution is possible via mobile devices running various operating systems, such as iOS and Android.

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