Why Your Wedding Limo Needs These Items

Why Your Wedding Limo Needs These Items

It should be enjoyable to travel to (and from) your wedding destination. Additionally, the experience is expected to be luxurious as well as unique. Your first step has been taken by renting a wedding limousine.

Nevertheless, there are a few circumstances that can make this trip a bit stressful. A little preparation will go a long way toward making your wedding limo experience a pleasant one.

Wedding Limo Packing List

Your wedding limousine San Francisco ride will be stress-free if you pack these items.

An essential makeup kit

Makeup touch-up kits are essential items to have in your wedding limo, as you already know. It is important to pay attention to a few specific items, however. The following are among them;

  • Having a mirror
  • Using chapstick
  • Drops for the eyes
  • Lotion for the hands

There is a tendency to overlook these items. Nevertheless, you will need them.

Wearing a new outfit

Even though wedding gowns look gorgeous on brides, they aren’t the most practical outfits. Long gowns are especially prone to this problem. Therefore, if you are planning an adventure that requires a comfortable or functional outfit, it is important to pack extra clothes.

Don’t forget to pack flat shoes even if you do not pack comfortable clothes. This is extremely important. You can sift grass or walk across the gravel in flat shoes rather than heels.

The tissue box

Everyone involved in a wedding usually experiences a lot of emotion. As a result, you and your wedding party shouldn’t expect anything different at your wedding. To wipe your tears while keeping your makeup intact, you’ll need a box of tissues.

Two boxes of tissues would be even better. Eventually, you’ll pass them around.

The water

You may experience dry mouth on your big day as a result of nervousness and anticipation. Keeping hydrated during your wedding requires packing a few bottles of water in your limo. It may also be included in the wedding limo package offered by your wedding limo service.

Taking care of headaches

If you suffer from a headache, your perfect day can be ruined. In light of this, it is not a bad idea to have something that will help you deal with the headache in the limo during your wedding. At some point, someone in your bridal train might need it, even if you don’t.

An elegant bottle of champagne

The best way to top off your ceremony is with a small intimate toast in your wedding limo. You’ll have your newly-wed spouse and wedding party. It’s an opportunity to create a moment that would be remembered for a long time by your family and close friends.

So, get enough glasses to go around and pop that bottle of champagne. It’s your big day and you deserve it. Moreover, champagnes taste better when you are riding in a limo.

On a Final Note

Contact our San Francisco limo car service to book our wedding limo service and discuss the possibility of packing these important items in advance. Let us worry about getting you to (and away from) your wedding destination in style, while you focus on just looking and feeling good. It is after all your day!

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