Building a Winning Team, OEM Best Practices for Dealer Relations

In today’s competitive landscape, a strong relationship between Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and their dealer networks is crucial for mutual success.  Performance improvement consulting firms like pOrbis can help bridge the gap and foster a collaborative environment that drives sales, improves customer satisfaction, and maximizes profitability.

This blog post explores key best practices for OEMs to strengthen dealer relations and create a win-win partnership.

Communication is Key: Fostering Open Dialogue

Frequent Communication: 

Regular and transparent communication is the cornerstone of a healthy relationship. OEMs should establish clear communication channels and keep dealers informed on product updates, marketing initiatives, sales goals, and any changes in policy.

Open Feedback Loops: 

Encourage open dialogue by actively seeking feedback from dealers on product features, training needs, and market trends. This valuable input allows OEMs to tailor strategies and offerings to better meet dealer and ultimately, customer needs.

Dedicated Dealer Support: 

Designate a dedicated team or individual as a point of contact for dealers. This ensures consistent communication flow and allows dealers to build relationships with knowledgeable representatives who can address concerns promptly.

Empowering Success: Providing the Tools and Resources

High-Quality Product Information: 

Equip dealers with comprehensive product information, including training materials, technical specifications, and marketing assets. This empowers dealers to effectively represent the brand and provide a knowledgeable buying experience for customers.

Sales and Service Training: 

Invest in ongoing training programs for dealers’ sales and service staff. By providing in-depth product knowledge and customer service skills development, OEMs can ensure a consistent and positive brand experience across the dealer network.

Marketing Support: 

OEMs should partner with dealers on marketing initiatives. This can involve co-branded marketing campaigns, providing access to digital marketing tools, and offering financial support for local advertising efforts.

Building a Collaborative Partnership: Working Towards Shared Goals

Focus on Profitability:

Recognize that dealer success directly impacts OEM success. Develop programs and incentives that incentivize sales growth and profitability for dealerships.

Transparency in Goals and Incentives:

Clearly communicate sales goals, marketing expectations, and performance metrics. Ensure incentive programs are fair, achievable, and reward desired dealer behavior.

Joint Problem-Solving:

Approach challenges as a team. When problems arise, work collaboratively with dealers to find solutions that benefit both parties.

Leveraging Technology: Streamlining Processes and Gaining Insights

Advanced Business Management Services: 

pOrbis offers cutting-edge technological solutions that support both OEMs and dealers. Our Business Management Services help streamline operations, improve efficiency, and empower data-driven decision making.

Network Management Services: 

Our network management solutions provide valuable insights into dealer network performance, allowing OEMs to identify trends, optimize dealer support, and drive overall network effectiveness.

Transactional Reporting & Analysis: 

pOrbis utilizes AI-powered tools to analyze dealer performance data and identify key areas for improvement. This empowers OEMs to focus resources on areas with the greatest potential impact and optimize dealer support strategies.

A Final Word

By implementing these best practices and leveraging the expertise of performance improvement consulting firms like pOrbis, OEMs can foster strong, collaborative relationships with their dealer networks.  These partnerships create a win-win situation, leading to increased sales, improved customer satisfaction, and long-term success for both parties.

pOrbis: Your One-Stop Shop for OEM and Dealer Success

pOrbis offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to support both OEMs and their dealer networks.  From Business Management and Network Management services to Credit & Underwriting support, we provide the tools and resources needed to build stronger relationships, improve performance, and achieve shared goals.

Contact pOrbis today to learn more about how we can help you build a winning team with your dealer network.

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