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Parking Safety: Secure Parking in Busy Areas of Dubai: Some Guidelines

For a Dubai resident or just a guest, you understand that parking in the densely populated areas of the city is very dangerous. Considering that there are many cars and people that constantly arrive and depart, it is natural to get worried about whether the car one left will be damaged or stolen. But there are ways in which parking can be made more secure and they are as follows; to help you safeguard your car in the high traffic areas in Dubai, below are parking safety measures to consider. You will understand how to select better places for parking and how you can ward off criminals or at least minimize their chances to get to you. We will also suggest other services that will help make your driving experience even more convenient, for instance, having a driver in Dubai once a month to park your car for you. Although parking is a far from perfect science, a little preparation and forethought can help you dodge the worst of the parking lot pain and enjoy the buzzing city at the same time.

Parking a Car: Helpful Hints and Strategies

Look for Empty Spaces First

While in busy regions in Dubai, drive around the area for a couple of minutes before searching for a parking spot to park your car. Seek areas at the side streets that are not very busy especially if your destination is in the busy central business district; look for paid car parking lots and garages around. Since there shall be specific area(s) set aside for movement, time shall not be wasted moving around the area, looking for an available space.

Think About Valet or Paid Parking Strategies

If street parking is unavailable, then valet parking or parking in paid parking lots is preferable. But for example, valet services, indeed, exclude the necessity to look for the place on your own. Of course, the cost of using these options can be more expensive than street parking; however, the ease of access and security are some benefits you can get in a busy central business district.

Park your vehicle in highly visible area

If you do find an open space, go for one that is brightly lit and is conspicuous for example, a space that is frequently visited. Street locations are preferred as those are the most visible to the potential clients and police. It should also be good to find a spot near buildings with many business operations going on as there will be many people passing by to monitor any thugs or vandals aiming at the bike. Do not park near or in any place that is dimly lit or is surrounded by walls as well as do not park in between a vehicle and a solid wall or only next to a large vehicle like a truck or van.

Secure Your Vehicle

Ensure you take the extra measure of protecting your vehicle particularly if you will be leaving it for a while. When in a car park on the streets, lots or even when using the valet, lock all doors and roll up all windows. Lessen or hide items that are valuable, such as money, electronics and documents so that they cannot easily be seen by someone else from the exterior of the car. An active alarm system, for instance, the vehicle recovery service or the GPS tracker is an added security feature for expensive cars.

In this way, by taking a walk in advance, using paid parking facilities when close to such districts, selecting brightly lit and easily noticeable lots, and ensuring the car condition, you can remain calm about your things and car while in the most popular areas Of Dubai. By understanding some strategies in advance, one is capable of avoiding the struggles associated with parking in busy areas and instead, devote most of his/her time to touring around the city.

How to Avoid Getting Caught for Parking Violations and Paying Fines in Dubai?

Every driver who wants to park a vehicle in Dubai finds easy and legal parking spaces for it. It is also of importance to know that as a visitor in certain areas you will be required to observe and adhere to the parking rules and regulations of that area. Care should be taken to ensure that a parking ticket does not pinch the wallet heavily, or the car is not towed away on the roadside.

Do Your Research

Always take a brief time and look up for parking information of your intended location. Some of these tend to include the areas like the Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah where there are well established car parks which have terms of use concerning time, cost and any forbidden guidelines written clearly. Street parking in such and other crowded areas of Dubai is rather scarce. If one is aware of the available parking spots this will save one lot of time and energy looking for any available space.

Follow all Posted Signage

Ensure that you observe any mark that will imply that the parking is restricted on the particular street. Numerous roads allow parking during certain hours when the street cleaning occurs on a regular basis or ramped up traffic. Some people may only allow cars for residents, taxis or delivery vehicles, for instance, to access the area. Be very sure of the actual hours and days of these restrictions in order to avoid some certain penalty. Don’t Overstay Time Limits.

If you park your car on the street or in a parking lot that has limited time allowed free parking, make sure to put your mobile phone on alert, perhaps with a buzzer, so that it may be in a position to alert you once the set time in the parking lot is due. The traffic police move around to check on vehicles that have overstayed their allowed time and fine the owners. They may be fined AED 500 more for the overstay even for a couple of minutes, they have to leave.

To park easily and avoid any fines at all in Dubai, one may want to consider using a professional driver service such as Safe Driver Dubai. Their professional monthly driver Dubai and transfer service to the airport means that they are dropped and picked directly, free from parking ordeal or any possible tickets. Safe Driver Dubai is quite useful when you just want to tour around Dubai without necessarily worrying where to park the car.


In conclusion, as has been said, parking, especially in certain areas in Dubai, requires one to be very cautious and on the lookout. Therefore, understanding your environment, hiding your belongings, and using the clockwork are some of the measures that can be observed to protect yourself and your things. In as much as possible, park in car parks and if you have to park in other places park where the area is well illuminated. In case of some issues, it is better not to think twice and inform the right people about it. By following the above parking safety tips that we have shared you are in a position to park your car securely even if it’s at a very busy place. Thus, with little alertness and proper planning, one cannot be a victim of the above mentioned parking related crimes. Be aware and watch over each other to sustain secure our city.

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