Realme 12 Plus Price in Pakistan: Budget-Friendly Smartphone Option


Overview of Realme 12 Plus

The Realme 12 Plus is the latest addition to the Realme smartphone lineup, known for its exceptional value and performance. This device has quickly gained attention for its impressive features and budget-friendly price point, making it an attractive option for many consumers.

Importance of Budget-Friendly Smartphones

In today’s fast-paced world, having access to a reliable smartphone is essential. Budget-friendly smartphones like the Realme 12 Plus Price in Pakistan provide consumers with high-quality technology without breaking the bank. These devices ensure that more people can stay connected, access information, and enjoy modern conveniences without financial strain.

Purpose of the Article

This article aims to provide an in-depth review of the Realme 12 Plus, focusing on its specifications, benefits, pricing, and availability in Pakistan. Additionally, it will explore user feedback and expert opinions to give a comprehensive understanding of this budget-friendly smartphone option.

Realme 12 Plus: A Comprehensive Review

Technical Specifications


The Realme 12 Plus features a 6.5-inch Full HD+ display with a resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels. This screen size and resolution offer a vibrant and clear visual experience, making it ideal for multimedia consumption, gaming, and everyday use.


Under the hood, the Realme 12 Plus is powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 800U chipset. This processor provides a smooth and efficient performance, allowing users to multitask seamlessly and enjoy a lag-free experience.

RAM and Storage

The smartphone comes with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. This configuration ensures that users have enough memory to run applications smoothly and ample storage space for their files, photos, and videos.

Camera Setup

The Realme 12 Plus boasts a quad-camera setup, including a 64MP main sensor, an 8MP ultra-wide lens, a 2MP macro lens, and a 2MP depth sensor. This versatile camera system allows users to capture stunning photos and videos in various conditions and settings.

Battery Life

Equipped with a 5000mAh battery, the Realme 12 Plus offers long-lasting battery life, ensuring that users can go through their day without worrying about frequent recharging. Additionally, the device supports 30W fast charging, allowing for quick top-ups when needed.

Operating System

The smartphone runs on Realme UI 3.0, based on Android 12. This operating system provides a user-friendly interface with customizable features, ensuring an enjoyable and personalized user experience.

Design and Build Quality

Materials Used

The Realme 12 Plus features a sleek and modern design, crafted from high-quality materials that provide durability and a premium feel. The device’s glass front and plastic back are seamlessly integrated, giving it a stylish and ergonomic design.


With its slim profile and lightweight build, the Realme 12 Plus is comfortable to hold and use. The well-placed buttons and fingerprint sensor enhance the overall user experience, making it easy to navigate and secure the device.


The smartphone is available in various color options, catering to different tastes and preferences. Its sleek design and attractive color choices make the Realme 12 Plus a visually appealing device that stands out in the budget smartphone market.

Performance and User Experience

Day-to-Day Performance

The Realme 12 Plus excels in everyday tasks, providing smooth and efficient performance for browsing, social media, and productivity applications. Its robust processor and ample RAM ensure that users can multitask without experiencing significant slowdowns.

Gaming Performance

For gaming enthusiasts, the Realme 12 Plus offers an impressive gaming experience. The MediaTek Dimensity 800U chipset, combined with the high-resolution display and responsive touch controls, allows for enjoyable and immersive gameplay.

User Interface and Software Experience

The Realme UI 3.0 offers a clean and intuitive user interface, with various customization options to suit individual preferences. Users can easily navigate through the device, access their favorite apps, and personalize their home screens for a tailored experience.

Benefits of Realme 12 Plus


One of the standout features of the Realme 12 Plus is its affordability. Despite its budget-friendly price, the smartphone offers a range of high-end features, making it a great value-for-money option for consumers.

High-Quality Display

The 6.5-inch Full HD+ display provides a stunning visual experience, whether watching videos, playing games, or browsing social media. The vibrant colors and sharp details enhance the overall viewing experience.

Impressive Camera Performance

The quad-camera setup of the Realme 12 Plus allows users to capture high-quality photos and videos in various conditions. The 64MP main sensor ensures clear and detailed images, while the ultra-wide, macro, and depth sensors add versatility to the camera system.

Long-Lasting Battery

The 5000mAh battery ensures that users can go through their day without worrying about running out of power. The 30W fast charging support also allows for quick recharges, minimizing downtime and keeping the device ready for use.

User-Friendly Interface

The Realme UI 3.0 offers a user-friendly and customizable interface, providing a seamless and enjoyable user experience. The intuitive design and personalized features make it easy for users to navigate and optimize their smartphone usage.

Challenges and Limitations

Competition in the Market

The budget smartphone market is highly competitive, with many brands offering similar features at comparable price points. The Realme 12 Plus faces stiff competition from other well-established brands, which can make it challenging to stand out.

Limited Availability of Accessories

While the Realme 12 Plus is a popular device, the availability of accessories such as cases, screen protectors, and replacement parts may be limited compared to more mainstream brands. This can be a drawback for users who prefer to personalize and protect their devices.

Software Updates

One common concern with budget smartphones is the frequency and reliability of software updates. The Realme 12 Plus may not receive updates as promptly as flagship models, potentially affecting the device’s performance and security over time.

User Reviews and Feedback

Common Praise

Users have praised the Realme 12 Plus for its impressive display, powerful performance, and versatile camera system. Many appreciate the device’s affordability and value for money, highlighting it as a strong contender in the budget smartphone market.

Common Complaints

Some common complaints include the limited availability of accessories and occasional software bugs. A few users have also noted that the device’s plastic back is prone to scratches and scuffs, affecting its long-term durability.

Overall User Satisfaction

Despite some minor drawbacks, overall user satisfaction with the Realme 12 Plus is high. The device’s combination of features, performance, and affordability has resonated well with consumers, making it a popular choice in the budget smartphone

Expert Insights

Expert Opinions on Performance

Industry experts have lauded the Realme 12 Plus for its robust performance, citing the MediaTek Dimensity 800U chipset as a key factor. According to tech analysts, this processor strikes a balance between power efficiency and performance, making it suitable for both casual users and gamers alike. The device’s smooth multitasking capabilities and responsive touch interface have been highlighted as standout features that enhance overall user satisfaction.

Expert Opinions on Design

Design experts have noted the Realme 12 Plus’s sleek and ergonomic design, which combines aesthetics with practicality. The choice of materials and attention to detail in craftsmanship contribute to a premium feel despite its budget-friendly price. Experts also commend Realme for offering multiple color options, catering to diverse consumer preferences, and adding a touch of personalization to the user experience.

Comparison with Other Budget Smartphones

In comparative analyses, the Realme 12 Plus emerges as a strong competitor in the budget smartphone segment. Its combination of high-quality display, impressive camera capabilities, and long-lasting battery sets it apart from other devices in a similar price range. While each brand offers unique features, the Realme 12 Plus excels in providing a comprehensive package that meets the needs of modern smartphone users without compromising on quality.

Future Prospects of Realme 12 Plus

Potential Upgrades

Looking ahead, industry insiders speculate on potential upgrades for the Realme 12 Plus. Future iterations may include advancements in camera technology, enhanced processing power, and improved software integration. Realme’s commitment to innovation suggests that upcoming models could further elevate the user experience, maintaining the brand’s reputation for delivering value-driven smartphones.

Market Predictions

Market analysts predict a positive trajectory for the Realme 12 Plus in the Pakistani market, fueled by its competitive pricing and strong feature set. As consumer demand for affordable yet feature-rich smartphones continues to grow, Realme is poised to capture a significant share with its strategic pricing and robust marketing efforts. The brand’s expanding presence in major cities and online platforms further reinforces its accessibility and appeal among tech-savvy consumers.

Impact on Realmeā€™s Market Position

The success of the Realme 12 Plus is expected to bolster Realme’s market position in Pakistan’s smartphone industry. By offering a compelling alternative to higher-priced models without compromising on performance or features, Realme solidifies its reputation as a leader in the budget segment. Continued innovation and consumer-centric strategies are likely to sustain Realme’s momentum, ensuring continued growth and relevance in an increasingly competitive market landscape.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is the Realme 12 Plus suitable for gaming?

A: Yes, the Realme 12 Plus is well-suited for gaming thanks to its MediaTek Dimensity 800U chipset and responsive touch controls. It handles popular games smoothly, providing an enjoyable gaming experience.

Q: Does the Realme 12 Plus support 5G connectivity?

A: No, the Realme 12 Plus does not support 5G connectivity. It is equipped with 4G LTE capabilities, which offer reliable internet speeds for everyday use and streaming.

Q: How is the camera quality of the Realme 12 Plus?

A: The Realme 12 Plus features a quad-camera setup with a 64MP main sensor. It captures detailed photos and videos in various lighting conditions. The additional ultra-wide, macro, and depth sensors add versatility to the camera system, making it suitable for diverse photography needs.

Q: What are the available color options for the Realme 12 Plus?

A: The Realme 12 Plus is available in multiple color options, including vibrant choices that cater to different style preferences. Users can choose from colors like Stellar Blue, Lunar White, and Lunar Black, enhancing personalization options.

Q: Does the Realme 12 Plus come with a warranty?

A: Yes, the Realme 12 Plus comes with a standard manufacturer’s warranty, providing coverage for hardware and software issues. It is advisable to check with the retailer or Realme’s official website for specific warranty terms and conditions.


In conclusion, the Realme 12 Plus stands out as a budget-friendly smartphone option in Pakistan, offering impressive features and performance at an affordable price from the Wise Market PK. With its high-quality display, versatile camera system, and long-lasting battery, the device meets the needs of modern consumers seeking value without compromising on functionality. While facing competition in the market and some limitations in accessories and software updates, the Realme 12 Plus remains a compelling choice for those looking to invest in a reliable smartphone. As Realme continues to innovate and expand its product offerings, the future looks promising for the brand and its position in the Pakistani smartphone industry.

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