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Can You Change Name On Ryanair Flight?

According to the Ryanair name change policy, passengers can correct and change a name on their flight ticket. The airline has designed this comprehensive policy on the basis of understanding the problems and concerns of the passengers in such situations. Generally, it consists of terms with respect to name change type, time duration, applicable fee, and others. By complying with the change name on Ryanair flight guidelines, you can alter/change names as you need on your flight ticket and associated documents. 

What Rules To Follow For Ryanair Name Change?

The policy to correct/change a name on your Ryanair ticket comprises some guidelines. They help you make various changes that are important to the name on your ticket. According to the policy, you must remember that the information on your flight booking should be the same as it is mentioned on your travel document or government-authorized ID. 

Following are some other major guidelines to remember before placing a name change request. 

  • You can request a name change only on the flights managed or marketed by Ryanair. 
  • The airline doesn’t permit name modification/change requests on the codeshare or interline agreement partners. 
  • You must request a name change at least 7 days prior to the departure to get the benefit of the discounted fare difference. 
  • According to the name change policy, you can alter three letters of each name without paying any fee. 
  • Name change is allowed under certain legal circumstances like marriage, divorce, or adoption. However, name change must be supported by valid documents like a passport, marriage/divorce agreement, or court order. 
  • The airline prohibits complete name change or transfer of a ticket to another passenger. 
  • Ryanair has both online and offline modes in place to help passengers complete name changes/corrections with ease. 

Need Assistance? Contact Ryanair Customer Support

Ryanair name change/modification becomes a straightforward procedure as long as you comply with the name change guidelines. Therefore, it is essential to understand all these rules before requesting a name change. To know more about the policy, you can directly connect with the airline by calling the Ryanair name change contact number 44 113 868 4151. Alternatively, you can dial +1-800-865-1848 to connect with the consolidation desk to get your problem solved immediately

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