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Most Popular Flower Arrangement Styles 2024

Flowers arrangements have the power to change the outlook of a room. You may have already come across unique arrangements in restaurants, salons, hotels, and malls. There are floral arrangements to suit every mood and celebration, as well. There are unique arrangements for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and corporate events. You should choose one according to the location and ambience. You should know of a few classic floral arrangements so that you can buy one according to the occasion.

We have a quick guide here for you, with a few classic styles enlisted.

Basic Floral Arrangements

  • Compact Setups – You will find many flowers of the same shape, bundled into a round or dome shape. These can vary from small to big sizes. If you are planning to keep one as a centrepiece on the table, choose chrysanthemums and large roses. They will uplift the mood of the space, apart from spreading fragrance.
  • Rectangular Setups – You can create an artistic combination with a variety of flowers, like roses, gerberas, peonies, and bougainvillea. The vase is of short-height and rectangular in form. They are trough-like containers. You can also add fillers inside like leaves and foliage. These are well-suited for rectangular tables.
  • Single Flower Setups – You can also choose a single flower stem of Tuberose and Lilies. You can place such an arrangement on the bedside table. If the flower is fragrant, your bedroom will be filled with a sweet smell. The smell can act as therapy by uplifting the mood of the dwellers.
  • Elliptical Flower Setups – The flowers and leaves are arranged in the form of an ellipse. You can use colourful and vibrant flowers like roses, tulips, and sunflowers in such floral arrangements. Birthday Flowers are arranged in this style. Order such flower arrangements at affordable rates today, and impress your near and dear ones. Sweet-scented ones are very appropriate for such bouquets.
  • Fan-shaped Set-ups – This is a classic style that floral designers love. You can use a lot of filler flowers in between the flowers. The main flowers, filler flowers, and stems are arranged from the centre to the periphery, in the shape of a fan. This is a decorative showpiece worth admiration.

Bouquets For Gifting

  • Cascade – These bouquets are extremely popular and look artistic. They add a touch of drama to the recipient’s arms. They will also complement the attire of the person, to whom you gift the flower bouquet. They give the appearance of a waterfall. Orchids are well-suited for such bouquets. You can gift them at weddings and engagements.
  • Hand-tied – These are carefree bouquets, which you can gift someone in a hurry. If you are looking for a gift for your girlfriend and have less time in hand, you can go for this variety. Sunflowers are a great choice for such bouquets. They are often tied with a ribbon or lace. It is a very casual affair.
  • Pomanders – These are globular floral arrangements, which are fixed to a staff or short stick. They do not have the stem part. You can also hang them in a suitable place inside the rooms. Sunflowers, carnations, and roses look beautiful in such floral arrangements. We can arrange such Flower Delivery in Chennai. Your loved ones and family members will be impresse with your choice.
  • Nosegay – This is another top favourite among flower lovers and floral designers. These bouquets are designe with leaves as special inclusions. The most popular flowers that we include in such bouquets are roses, camellias, and orchids. Bridesmaids can carry such bouquets with style. Flower girls can also go for them while accompanying the bride to the altar.
  • Basket – You can gift basket bouquets as well. They add a touch of rustic charm to the whole celebration. If you are heading for a garden wedding as an invitee, carry one along. It will surely liven up the spaces. Moreover, your bridegroom can also place the basket bouquet on a table, covered with a white tablecloth. It will impart colour to the bland space.

You have so many options to choose from. Check the occasion before finalizing the flower gift. Order a bouquet or floral arrangement to gift your loved ones, family, and friends. The people who receive these thoughtful floral gifts from you, will surely remember your efforts for a long time.

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