Probing Into BBA Honours Subjects and Specialization Options

You can learn advanced business management, marketing, and other aspects if you pursue BBA Honours. Ideally, there are different BBA honours subjects taught over three years, which is six semesters. 

Wish to know more about the BBA Honours curriculum? Continue reading. 

About the subjects

Ideally, the honours subjects taught in the BBA colleges in Delhi cover different aspects of business management. The major subjects include finance, accounting, management, and economics.

In addition to that, the core honours subjects include:

  • Marketing essentials
  • Business organisation and organisational behaviour
  • Management principles
  • Business law
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human Resources and 
  • International business management.

There are also a few other allied subjects taught along with some specialized or elective subjects, based on the policies of the BBA colleges in Noida. You can choose them based on your area of interest, passion, and expertise.

Some of the elective subjects include: 

  • Business marketing and operations research
  • Security analysis
  • Management of commercial banks
  • E-commerce and retail management
  • Digital marketing and 
  • Sales and distribution.

The popular choice

Considering the BBA Honours specialization subjects, here are some popular choices among aspiring students.

Marketing: In this specific course, you will learn everything about business marketing and its allied disciplines. You will also learn about consumer behaviour, marketing patterns, digital advertising, and a lot more. Ideally, the syllabus comprises:

  • Personal selling and salesmanship
  • Marketing management
  • Management principles and practices 
  • Business ethics
  • Corporate social responsibilities
  • Professional development and mentoring

Banking and Finance: You will learn about banking, finance, budgeting, and other financial aspects. The syllabus comprises:

  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Business math
  • Cost & management accounting
  • Financial markets & instruments
  • Investment management
  • Banking theory 
  • Banking law & practice

Aviation: As the name implies, this course relates to airline, airport, and aviation business management. The syllabus comprises:

  • Airline and airport management principle
  • Customer service
  • Operations
  • Universal business environment
  • Strategy design and management and
  • Performance management.

In addition to these popular choices, you can also choose some other subjects to specialize in, such as:

  • Hospital management 
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Tour and travel
  • Foreign trade 
  • Sports and event management 
  • Computer application and information technology 

The course structure and teaching methods

The entire duration of BBA, as said earlier, is three years and is divided into 6 semesters. Each semester is designed thoughtfully to provide you with adequate training, knowledge, skills, and exposure to the industry.

During the entire course, you will have lots of workshops, internships, seminars, and conferences to attend, along with several business events to organize and gain hands-on experience. You will also have to submit different projects from time to time.

These are in addition to classroom teachings, group discussions, case studies, and certification programs. The teaching methods also include guest lectures, industry visits, and summer training.

Project topics

As for the projects you need to submit in the final year of your BBA Honours course, you can choose from different topics, such as:

  • Role in strategic management
  • Brand analysis
  • Relationship study 
  • Brand image and awareness
  • Anatomy of financial crisis
  • Segmentation, targeting, and positioning 
  • Strategic plans for Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Impact of demonetisation on the autonomy of the Central Bank
  • The development of a Unified Payment Interface System and more.


In conclusion, the BBA honours subjects will offer you an all-around knowledge of business management, including marketing and other aspects. You can even specialize in a specific field by choosing the elective subjects. 

A BBA Hons degree holder can find a wide variety of jobs in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and several other private and public sectors. 

So, I put some time into selecting the right course and college and researched a lot.

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