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Things You Need to Do When You Bring On Board a Moving Company in Bellevue, Washington

You need to pack and move to a new residence! The thought of packing everything leaves you feeling anxious, and you don’t know where to start or what to do! You first need to hire the services of the best moving company in Bellevue, Washington. But by nature, you cannot sit back and relax, so while the professionals are doing their job, you are just hovering around them! If you are looking for labor-only Movers in Seattle, Washington, click here!

Here is a list of 10 things you need to engage in while the Moving Company is doing its job!

Task # 1: Be Nice

Though the team  at the Moving Company in Bellevue, Washington, are professionals, we must remember that packing and moving is exhausting. So, while you are at home, offering them water, tea, coffee, and possibly a light snack is excellent because they may take an entire day to complete the task of packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and then unpacking!

Task # 2. Keep your children and pets safe

Moving involves packing and shifting huge boxes with furniture, etc., at your home, which are bulky and heavy items. We don’t want any mishaps to happen owing to undue running around in the house, and hence, take special care to keep your children and pets out of the way. This helps the efficient team at –The Moving Company in Bellevue, Washington, do their job more seamlessly in a stipulated period of time!

Task # 3. Items that Stay back

If you have certain pieces of electronics or furniture that you don’t need to pack and move, then get them shifted to a designated place in the house so that the movers and packers don’t end up filling those items, too, leading to unnecessary confusion and chaos! Once they have been informed, you can rest assured that the right things are packed.

You could opt for a complete moving service or even Labor Only Movers in Seattle, Washington. Need to know more, click here!

Task #4. Notify the fragile items

Notify the fragile items in the house so that the professional team at Moving Company in Bellevue, Washington, takes the necessary steps to pack those items with extra care and required material and add the essential labeling to indicate fragile. This ensures extra care while packing, too.

Task # 5: Things you don’t want the Movers to Pack!

If there are certain things you don’t wish to get packed, put them in a closet and maybe label them as ‘Do not pack’! The team at will take cognizance of this fact and keep those items away from packing! This could include items like:

  1. Important paperwork
  2. Personal items like toiletries, phones, chargers, etc
  3. Move in a kit with items like paper plates, toilet paper, soap, etc

Task # 6: Clean Your Refrigerator and Freezer

Your fridge needs to be empty before it is packed! Hence, there should be no open food left behind. The chosen Moving Company in Bellevue, Washington, can empty your closed fridge items and pack them before packing the fridge.

Task # 7: Clean your home!

It’s not a great idea to leave your home where you have been staying dirty while moving to another. Hence, while the movers are busy packing, loading, etc., you should quickly clean the floor and dispose of the things you want. Do this room by room.

So, by the time your things are ready for transportation by the moving team, your home will also be clean and tidy!

Task # 8: Do not disappear

Whether you are getting on board the full service of the movers or Labor Only Movers in Seattle, Washington, you must stay around while they pack. They can handle your supervision, as they come with the equipped material and know how to do their job efficiently, but having you around allows them to clear any doubts or concerns they could have during the packing process.

Wrap up!

Get on board the best Moving Company in Bellevue, Washington, at Team Worx Moving, and keep the above points in mind for a smooth moving process that keeps anxiety away, too!

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