Top 10 Material Handling Carts Manufacturers in the USA

Top 10 Material Handling Carts Manufacturers in the USA

Material Handling Carts are the heroes for handling bulky material smoothly from one place to another. Different carts come in all shapes or sizes for lifting specific materials in warehouses and various industries. These carts lift material without causing any damage or error and save downtime. These carts enhance the productivity, scalability, and efficiency of the workspace. Material handling carts eliminate the worker’s struggle to carry heavy material inefficiently, making worker’s tasks easy while the carts effortlessly transport materials. It not only boosts overall output but also boosts a safer work environment.

There are the top 10 material handling carts manufacturers in the USA

1. Jtec Industries

Jtec Industries is the leading material-handling carts manufacturer in the USA and was founded in 2004 by Jon Peterson and Joe Knepp. Jtec Industries is located in East Peoria, IL. They provide multiple material handling products like the Tugger Cart System, CARRYLITE, CARRYMORE, CARRYMAX, and CARRYMATIC per the business requirements. Their vision is to increase safety, and productivity and lower the costs for their customers. They manufacture top-quality and innovative carts that streamline the workflow of the organization. Jtec Industries is well-known for fulfilling customers’ requirements and boosting their workspace’s efficiency.

2. Wesco Industrial Products, LLC

Wesco Industrial Products, LLC founded in 1948 in Philadelphia, PA, and now manufactures the best material-handling carts in North Wales, PA. They provide multiple carts for material lifting like Panel Carts, Wire Office carts, Office Caddy, Deluxe Plastic Service carts, and many more. Wesco manufactures customized carts and other multiple-material handling equipment per customers’ specific requirements. Their carts are flexible for every material and workspace.

3. Thornel Associates, Inc.

Thornel Associates, Inc. was founded in 1955, now Tony Wichhart leads the company. They manufacture multiple carts and other material handling equipment in Lisle, IL. Thornel offers a wide range of carts like Steel Carts, Bulk trucks, Platform Trucks, Plastic Utility Carts, and Tilt Trucks. They design innovative carts that meet the requirements of their customers. Their carts are reliable, versatile, and user-friendly which enhances the efficiency of the workspace.

4. BHS, Inc.

BHS, Inc. manufactures material handling carts since 1979 in St. Louis, MO. They deliver carts like Stock carts, Security carts, Platform trucks, Tugger carts, Panel carts, and many more. BHS’s carts are made of high-duty steel and coated with powder to oppose the effects of chemicals and scrapes. These carts are designed in a way that gives them a long life and lifts the material securely.

5. Warehouse1

Warehouse1 has been a top manufacturing company of material handling carts and other products in Kansas City, MO since 1998. They provide hand trucks and carts, pallet jacks, dock equipment, ladders, and many more solutions in material handling services. Their expert team designs and installs a storage system that maximizes efficiency and meets the specific needs of their customers. They provide cost-effective solutions by seamlessly integrating new and refurbished equipment into your existing system.

6. Meyer Material Handling

Meyer offers comprehensive solutions for all your material handling needs from material handling equipment to system design and installation. In 1974, Carolyn and Wayne Meyer founded the company to streamline industrial material handling and storage. They manufacture a variety of trucks and carts, racks, lifts, dividers, lockers, hoppers, shelves, and shelving for efficient material handling. With a rich history of service, Meyer Material Handling is a trusted manufacturer of top-tier material handling equipment and systems.

7. Hamilton Caster & Manufacturing Co

The Hamilton Caster & Manufacturing Company was founded in 1907 and manufactures innovative material lifting carts in Hamilton, Ohio. They focus on manufacturing the best quality and durable vehicles. Hamilton offers a variety of industrial carts such as platform carts, order picker carts, shelf carts, work-height carts, utility carts, and wagon carts. Hamilton carts are designed to be the reliable workhorses of your facility, ensuring efficient and smooth operation.

8. Vestil Manufacturing Co.Inc.

Vestil Manufacturing Company Inc. has been manufacturing quality material handling equipment since 1968 in Angola, IN. Vestil creates carts to streamline operations from everyday warehouse tasks to heavy-duty industrial environments. They deliver industrial carts including platform trucks, drum handling equipment, loading dock equipment, and carts customized for specific tasks.

9. Liftomatic Material Handling, Inc.

Liftomatic Material Handling is a top manufacturing company that has provided material handling equipment in Buffalo Grove, Illinois since 1947. Their offerings include portable devices, forklift attachments, and hoist/crane attachments capable of handling 1 to 8 drums at a time. They create solutions for the safe and efficient handling of steel, plastic, and fiber drums and barrels. Their signature parrot-beak clamping system ensures safe operation.

10. PFlow Industries

PFlow Industries, a leading material-handling lift manufacturer based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has been solving vertical movement challenges since 1977. Their equipment is specifically designed to safely and efficiently transport materials between levels of factories, warehouses, and other facilities. PFlow’s solutions are applied across a wide range of industries, from healthcare and food manufacturing to aerospace, agriculture, and beyond.


Material handling carts are important for moving things around job sites safely and efficiently. They come in all shapes and sizes to meet the various needs of different industries. Here are 10 top US manufacturers of these carts, ranging from Jtec Industries, a leader in innovation, to PFlow Industries, known for its vertical transportation solutions. From heavy-duty steel to lightweight construction for rugged environments, these carts are perfectly adapted to any task. Whether it’s lifting material without damage or saving time and effort, these top USA manufacturers offer the perfect solution for any workplace. Check out these companies today and select the best company as per your workspace needs. If you are searching for the best manufacturers that deliver high-quality equipment and meet customer requirements, we recommend Jtec Industries. Visit their website for more information.

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