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The Lasting Happiness of Memorizing the Quran

The Lasting Happiness of Memorizing the Quran: As I read and reflected, I gradually realized that finding contentment in Allah’s words is my best option.

Looking into the implications of the Quran, one can see that it provides a pretty deep source of happiness that can not be obtained from the superficial pleasures of diffuse belongings and empty social rank. Reciting the Quran provides a gateway to long-term gratification as people enjoy themselves, like the phrase, “If the places men live in give them enjoyment. “It is by doing this noble deed that people immerse themselves in Alvah’s everlasting guidance and power.

When joy, peace, and happiness are what I need.

The Seer (messenger) declared,

“People congregating in one of Allah’s Houses to recite and study the Book of ALLAH among themselves may enjoy peace and goodwill from ALLAH and His Servants. Therefore, the verse tells us that they receive special peace and mercy, not because it is already present among them but because of their reverence for Allah’s creation and all his creatures who inhabit it.”

ALLAH mends in hearts the way He smoothens hot metal and soothes the ailing hearts while simultaneously reforming hearts. The human being and all that ALLAH surrounds him with showing Allah’s kindness and His bounty. He gets peace in distress because while dark veils flashed before his eyes, all of sudden, beams of light shone in. Such a perspective can be reinforced when faced with the challenges of life. Difficulties become more manageable. Allah’s promise is just a step away. Faith and peace come simultaneously, and He is your friend and companion.

One reaches out to God through His book by getting close to him, giving one a feeling of true happiness. It is the one that comes with a love so pure, so unwavering, one that does not lie or die. Violet loved her life, but then, the unexpected happened to her. Have you ever felt as if there was a vast hole imprinted on your being? Have you ever experienced that void that will never be completed? These might be the signs that your soul yearns to its Creator. The fire has been burning in the core of your heart since the age of pure desire. This is where I am from. This is home.

These sacred ingredients are essential for Imamat and the sincerity and purity of actions in Islam.

When you turn and read the Quran, it becomes that companion that will accompany you until the end of your life. In adapting a poem to the stage, this poem will shift from being a twelve-year-old girl’s recited work to a recited work, which will be presented and captured. With each new surah, you know you will discover new treasures to enrich your salah, making your recitation come alive as you become more passionate. Apart from the Fairuz song “Nah nuh,” which I enjoy playing when I lie down in the evening or review what I have learned, reading the Quran in the late-night prayers can be a comfy embrace.

So it feels like the place you need to stay and spend private time with ALLAH (SWT). The next moment of the speech shows the great lyrics and the speaker outlines what they mean. He is allowed time to think of a world where “no eye has seen, no ear has heard, nor did the heart ever imagine.” For a fleeting moment, here comes a small portion of Jannah.

“If the denizens of this world experience joy in their milieu if those with rank cherish their positions, and if those with wealth get their satisfaction from their properties, which are human in contrast to fleeting pleasures declared in Dunya, then the “Mohaadi” of the Qur’an is a worthy candidate to find joy in Allah’s words that are separated from the Dunya and everything within

Imprinting the Quran may be an outstanding choice you will forever remember. May Almighty ALLAH make this journey accurate for everyone who wants to register, those who are now in the process of memorizing it, and those who already remember it. I pray that ALLAH keeps each of us strong and bountiful. Ameen.

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